fundamental frequency

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the lowest tone of a harmonic series

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Although the fundamental tones for each mosquito didn't change very much during a "fly by"--females still produced a fundamental 400-hertz tone and males a 600-hertz tone--each mosquito produced a faint harmonic note, right around 1,200 hertz, that was closely in sync.
The overtones, with their compound, irregular vibrations, give a fundamental tone a certain character or "clang-tint.
5-inch driver powered by a 40-watt amplifier, guaranteeing solid performance and a clear fundamental tone down to a low frequency of 32 Hz.
Like a bell that rings only in a fundamental tone and certain harmonics, the Earth vibrates with discrete frequencies.
For the complex numbers that delineate the fundamental tones whose symphony is the accumulation of primes are precisely those complex numbers that bring Riemann's zeta function to zero.
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