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the act of dwelling in a place

the position of physician who is receiving special training in a hospital (usually after completing an internship)

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The aim of the training was to equip participants with the overall competence to monitor and report on fundamental rights compliance in forced-return operations as enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and in line with applicable international human rights law.
No legislation can be enacted against the fundamental rights.
To subject a pensioner to a life of penury and impoverishment is a clear violation of his fundamental rights to life and dignity as enshrined in Articles 9 and 14, respectively.
He said it was duty of the government to ensure provision of fundamental rights.
He said it was the duty of the government to ensure the provision of fundamental rights.
It said the greatest drop was seen in fundamental rights, which declined in 71 countries.
Ayub Khan said that the move would not only help to ensure basic and fundamental rights to over six million tribesmen but also decrease the 'unlimited powers' of the political agents in the tribal areas.
Ayub said that the move would not only help to ensure basic and fundamental rights to over six million tribesmen, but also decrease the ' unlimited powers' of the political agents in the tribal areas.
In Pakistan, Fundamental Rights are enshrined in the 1973 Constitution as the entire chapter No.
New Delhi [India], November 26 ( ANI ): Chief Justice of India (CJI) Dipak Misra on Sunday said there can be no compromise with the citizen's fundamental rights, which are the core values and bedrock of the Constitution.
New Delhi: A Union Minister and Chief Justice of India on Saturday crossed swords over judicial activism at a conference on the occasion of National Law Day with CJI Dipak Misra saying it was their sacrosanct duty to protect the fundamental rights of the citizens.
The integrating process for this space was done by setting four categories of fundamental rights for the Union's Market (free movement of goods, persons, services and capital), to which the European Union added eliminating obstacles to free movement, harmonizing laws, setting up a democratic and instrumental process for making decisions, based primarily on applying Community acquis (Peers and Ward, 2004: 64).
There is no fundamental rights to same-sex benefits under Obergefell," said Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values, a conservative religious liberty advocacy group, after the hearing.
Scholars of law in a several countries discuss a number of basic problems concerning the concept and scope of fundamental rights, among them the philosophical grounding of the concept and the existence of such rights, the relationship between fundamental and human rights and the justification of the latter as a whole, the justification of "fundamental" constitutional rights that protect minorities from democratic oppression, and the implementation and application of constitutional human rights provisions.
Rafiz Aliti, Vice President of Assembly and BDI MP, stated that he is firm on his statement that "those who adopted the Electoral Code breached the fundamental rights of the citizens and will be humiliated before the voters and citizens they represent".
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