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the lowest tone of a harmonic series

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The deformed shank fastener was tested to compare fundamental frequencies between samples constructed using the TetraGrip subfloor fastener and others using a smooth shank nail with an adhesive, or a smooth shank nail with no adhesive to attach the sheathing to the framing.
With reference to Figure 9, all modelling concepts have decreasing fundamental frequencies as the number of storey increases.
The first five fundamental frequencies were extracted for different profiles of bevel gear and the results are tabulated.
The current device incorporates differential PECL outputs that are fundamental frequencies of the crystal while providing 50% output symmetry.
Voice may also have a bitonality or diplophonia, with the perception of two different fundamental frequencies (or pitches) simultaneously.
NIST researchers have made the first spectral measurements of a directly coupled array and found that harmonic distortion was more than 80 dB below the amplitude of synthesized fundamental frequencies of I kHz and 50 kHz.
He excites one note electromagnetically at one of its fundamental frequencies, then uses the interferometer to visualize which areas of the playing surface reverberate.
5 mm Low-Jitter Voltage-Controlled SAW Oscillators Offering Fundamental Frequencies up to 1 GHz
The fundamental frequencies of individual and salvaged joists differed by about 15 percent (Table 5) due to differences in beam stiffness as previously reported (2).
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