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the lowest tone of a harmonic series

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Only the two fundamental frequencies are (barely) within the critical band.
The parametric and comparative analysis of I and Box Girder results in bending moment, shear force, torsion and fundamental frequencies from various standards.
The instrument's high 1 MHz bandwidth supports the LED module energy certification requirements of CQC-3146, as well as harmonic analysis on wireless chargers with KHz level fundamental frequencies on the transmitter and receiver.
When the pedestal looseness fault simulation is carried out in the dual-rotor experimental rig, it can be clearly seen that the spectrum diagram shown in Figure 3(b) not only contains fundamental frequencies [X.
The deformed shank fastener was tested to compare fundamental frequencies between samples constructed using the TetraGrip subfloor fastener and others using a smooth shank nail with an adhesive, or a smooth shank nail with no adhesive to attach the sheathing to the framing.
With reference to Figure 9, all modelling concepts have decreasing fundamental frequencies as the number of storey increases.
For soil-structure resonance assessment we decided to consider larger building stock from different Slovenian towns in which microtremor measurements were conducted recently to derive the range of fundamental frequencies for comparison, because the building typology is similar in wider area.
We were trying to correct a previous assumption that lions and tigers roar at low fundamental frequencies because they have a huge vocal folds," says study co-author Tobias Riede, a research assistant professor of biology at the University of Utah and a research associate at the National Center for Voice and Speech.
Then, the mask for the source extraction stage is created not only by applying the time delay criterion but also by exploring the harmonics of fundamental frequencies.
The YIGs are provided up through Ku-Band, and these fundamental frequencies also minimize spurious signals in advanced radars.
The output amplitude at the fundamental frequencies is(4)
To find the pitch range of a word, we repeated the procedure as noted earlier, except that the frequency difference between the syllables with the highest and lowest fundamental frequencies was calculated.
Voice may also have a bitonality or diplophonia, with the perception of two different fundamental frequencies (or pitches) simultaneously.
NIST researchers have made the first spectral measurements of a directly coupled array and found that harmonic distortion was more than 80 dB below the amplitude of synthesized fundamental frequencies of I kHz and 50 kHz.
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