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(physics) the transfer of energy between elementary particles or between an elementary particle and a field or between fields

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But sometime in 1986 I picked up the courage to ask Salam the obvious question: both he, who thought himself a believer, and Steven Weinberg, an avowed atheist, had worked independently on unifying two of nature's four fundamental forces and yet had arrived at precisely the same conclusions.
Each of the six, hour long episodes will explore a single fundamental force or topic: freedom, peace, love, social division, power and rebellion.
Four fundamental forces (Electromagnetic, Weak, Strong and Gravity) acting through corresponding quantum particles known as gauge bosons (photon for electromagnetic, W and Z particles for weak force, gluon for strong force and yet to be discovered illusive graviton for the force of gravity) together are the cause of actions that shape and govern the universe.
Poverty reduction is linked to the interaction of two fundamental forces in the labour market.
Three fundamental forces - advanced manufacturing, industrial internet and the use of collective intelligence of people - can unlock the true growth potential of the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (Menat) region, a GE research says.
In Chapter Two, he highlights the connections between Kant's doctrine of opposed fundamental forces of attraction and repulsion and some contemporary notions--prominent in Stahl's chemistry--of fluidity and elasticity, showing how these notions enabled Kant to reject both mechanistic atomism and his own earlier quasi-Leibnizian views.
Without it, the Standard Model theory that combines all the fundamental forces and particles of the Universe would have fallen down.
Peter Moller of Los Alamos National Laboratory's Theoretical Division, said that understanding this would yield important insights about the fundamental forces in nature, especially on the astronomical/cosmological scale.
Everything in it is made of a few fundamental particles, which are governed by four fundamental forces.
It focuses on the fundamental forces that drive climate rather than on understanding each and every change in the air and water that make up fluid jets.
Many fundamental forces are transforming the construction industry from being mainly a field-erected industry to [one] characterized by highly-engineered and energy-efficient materials, components, assemblies and systems manufactured for high performance," says Headwaters AG President Christian Echavarria.
Explanation for the recurrences of large-number 1040 in astrophysics, and some insight into the nature of fundamental forces.
He's the co-founder of string field theory and continues Einstein's search to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into one unified theory.
The 27-year-old Canadian artist used her passion for art along with her observations of human cognition to explore M-Theory, also known as string theory, which is described as 'the theory of everything' -- a self-contained mathematical model that focuses on fundamental forces and forms of matter.
The relative strengths of the fundamental forces of nature are fine-tuned, and Stenger points out that they "are not even constant in our universe, but depend on the energies of the particles interacting with one another," thereby discounting their importance.
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