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(physics) the transfer of energy between elementary particles or between an elementary particle and a field or between fields

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Although in Nigeria, Malawi and Egypt these fundamental forces in the labour market did reduce poverty, in Tanzania and Uganda structural shifts took workers in the opposite direction, from high productivity services to low productivity agriculture.
Mapping the Future of Work in Menat", co-authored by Rania Rostom, GE's chief innovation officer, GE Menat; and Marco Annunziata, GE's chief economist, highlights the enormous opportunities of the region to leverage the power of innovation through three fundamental forces - the industrial internet, advanced manufacturing and the global brain.
Explanation for the recurrences of large-number 1040 in astrophysics, and some insight into the nature of fundamental forces.
Many fundamental forces are transforming the construction industry from being mainly a field-erected industry to [one] characterized by highly-engineered and energy-efficient materials, components, assemblies and systems manufactured for high performance," says Headwaters AG President Christian Echavarria.
The fundamental forces point to a bright outlook for the diamond market," said Yury Spektorov, Bain & Company partner based in Moscow and co-author of the report.
He's the co-founder of string field theory and continues Einstein's search to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into one unified theory.
It could understandably be argued that these results stem from periods when the gold price was fixed, but Leyland notes that while a fixed price could help in the short term, there is a mass of economic experience showing that a price cannot remain fixed in the face of overwhelming fundamental forces.
The 27-year-old Canadian artist used her passion for art along with her observations of human cognition to explore M-Theory, also known as string theory, which is described as 'the theory of everything' -- a self-contained mathematical model that focuses on fundamental forces and forms of matter.
The relative strengths of the fundamental forces of nature are fine-tuned, and Stenger points out that they "are not even constant in our universe, but depend on the energies of the particles interacting with one another," thereby discounting their importance.
The authors are probably correct in recognizing that a characteristic of a real estate bubble is market participants' lack of attention to the fundamental forces of demand.
And the fundamental forces driving these changes are here to stay.
In addition to being an attractive safe harbor, there are the fundamental forces of supply and demand that appeal to investors whether or not they are under duress.
The fundamental forces driving the global economic recession that began in the late 2000s in the United States include the confluence of financial fragility and consumption fragility in the United States working in conjunction with exacerbating processes of debt, deflation, and default, argues Rasmus (economics and political economy, Santa Clara U.
activity in the known universe results from the play of four fundamental forces, and van der Meer's technique proved essential to revealing the link between two of them.
Physicists start with the four fundamental forces of nature.
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