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(physics) the transfer of energy between elementary particles or between an elementary particle and a field or between fields

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It takes viewers on a global journey to meet people from different cultures whose lives are shaped in surprising ways by different fundamental forces, exploring themes that unite us all such as love and freedom.
The acceleration part cannot be explained by the known fundamental forces and new explanations are required posing major challenges to the physicists.
They proposed a new theory, however, that synthesizes all existing data and determined that the discovery could indicate a fifth fundamental force.
The fundamental force they represent would thus be felt over longer ranges and could act over cosmic scales to affect the universe's evolution.
According to this discussion, the death drive is a drive towards death, towards an inanimate state, is opposed to Eros (but the sexual drive contains a sadistic component that is a portion of death drive), is more fundamental than Eros and exists independently of it, is necessary for the function of Eros as constituting its sexual aim (the death drive is a pre-condition of Eros), and is a fundamental force of aggression and destructiveness.
In my recent book, The Spin Force, I propose that spin be considered a fundamental force, along with gravity and electricity.
The second fundamental force blowing up supply forecasts is the huge project delays and massive cost overruns associated with many of the world's largest new oil mega-projects.
It is, however, neither the endless permutations of the idea of a common descent nor its paradigmatic force in directing scientific research but its global reach that has made this radical recasting of biological systems a fundamental force defining the way millions of human beings conceive their relationship with the cosmos and its Creator.
According to Ernest Allen, rap music, more than any of the other indices mentioned, has been the fundamental force in creating and shaping the hip-hop culture; it is the principle medium for the expression of the worldviews of African American youth (qtd.
The fourth fundamental force in nature, the gravitational force, remains in many ways an enigma.
These results suggest that a strong desire to define a community is the fundamental force behind individual support for detachment.
The strong sense of spiritual "calling" in Chinese ministry context represents a more fundamental force behind the commitment motif.
The most fundamental force driving the stock market is people and their predictable spending habits, Dent believes.
Yet they are words, he said, that are a fundamental force behind the industry's continued consolidation in both manufacturing and retail.
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