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(physics) the transfer of energy between elementary particles or between an elementary particle and a field or between fields

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Those projections ignore two fundamental forces that have, in recent years, brought global production to a virtual standstill," says Jeff Rubin, Chief Strategist and Chief Economist at CIBC World Markets.
Fundamental forces are reshaping our societies and our lives, thrusting new challenges onto the international agenda and providing the primary impetus for and the context of ongoing UN reforms.
Yet they are words, he said, that are a fundamental force behind the industry's continued consolidation in both manufacturing and retail.
While these technological developments have had major impacts on social and cultural life, it is not technological innovation that is the fundamental force for change.
While debt growth (Robert Campeau, for example) is usually blamed for the distress in retailing, a much more fundamental force is at work.
Mr Jones added: "The mining industry is burned into the consciousness of Wales; it was a fundamental force in shaping our country.
If institutions are the foundation of social life then institutional change is a fundamental force of social change and therefore, observes Tang (international relations and public affairs, Fudan U.
It is predicted that research here would result in new measurable macroscopic properties of atomic nuclei including new fundamental force interactions.
Affect is the fundamental force of the body which creates new individuations in us.
That intrinsic preference, these scientists suggest, might originate from the influence of the weak nuclear force, the only fundamental force of nature that can tell left from right.
The findings could advance the search for a new fundamental force in nature that could explain why the Big Bang created more matter than antimatter-a pivotal imbalance in the history of everything.
Our analysis of the three fundamental forces shows that the forces are all manifestations of one fundamental force, manifesting as universal gravitation.
Each character is trying to move away from that which it is impossible to escape: the fundamental force of the past.
Researchers explain matter's dominance as a consequence of differences in the way a fundamental force of nature, called the weak force, affects subatomic particles and their antiparticles.
45) Although attraction is not mentioned as a second fundamental force, however, Kant is still clearly employing a Newtonian conception of gravitation as his scientific hypothesis.
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