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Synonyms for business

Synonyms for business

commercial, industrial, or professional activity in general

the commercial transactions of customers with a supplier

something that concerns or involves one personally

something to be done, considered, or dealt with

Synonyms for business

the activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects

a rightful concern or responsibility

an immediate objective

customers collectively

Related Words

incidental activity performed by an actor for dramatic effect

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All SBI freshmen or students transferring to the SBI academic program must enroll in the Fundamental Business Concepts course during the first semester of the program.
The Fundamental Business Concepts mini-courses were first offered at SBI in the Fall 1992 term.
As mentioned above the Fundamental Business Concepts mini-modules were not offered until Fall 1992.
As shown in Table 1 above, business students who took the Financial Accounting-ACG2022 during the Spring 1992 semester, before the introduction of the Fundamental Business Concepts accounting mini-course, had a passing rate of 59%.
Its goal is to provide dental students with an understanding of fundamental business concepts, in preparation for leadership positions in a variety of fields -- such as research, academia, consulting, dentistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, product and device manufacturing, biotechnology, insurance, and health care administration -- or with skills for their own entrepreneurial careers.
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