fundamental frequency

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the lowest tone of a harmonic series

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The results clearly showed that the SCF was capable of stripping off high-order modes, in fact, to such an extent that only the fundamental mode remains guided, as predicted.
In the second fundamental mode, particles closer to the center move in the opposite direction of those farther away, creating an intermediate region where no particles move.
Love may be at times lived as a mutual hurting, but it remains the essential, fundamental mode of exploring that relationality, that interweaving that we ceaselessly live and speak.
Murray Schafer's famous exploration of acoustic ecology The Tuning of the World (New York: Knopf, 1977) parades a varied list of admirers--architects and psychologists as well as composers and performing artists--for whom that fundamental mode of perception transmitted by the organ of hearing inspires a mixture of awe, respect, and curiosity; its genealogy, of course, leads from E.
But the beauty of fighting is that it requires at least two people, and finger-pointing is the fundamental mode of communication.
The fundamental mode of the being (Sein) of existence is shown to be care (Sorge) and the "basic determination of being itself' is revealed as time or ur-temporality (Temporalitat).
The solutions of the polynomial are x [congruent to] 2,402 for the fundamental mode, and x [congruent to] 5,52 for the first order harmonic.
In addition, all frequencies for this crystal package are available in fundamental mode, which provides a clean signal for high-end network communications applications.
Targeted for use in communications infrastructure such as network routers, switches, servers, and base stations, these high performance devices utilize a high Q fundamental mode pull-able crystal and phase locked loop (PLL) multiplier to provide all industry standard output clock frequencies.
Although Marcel does accept that abstract conceptualization is an important type of objective knowledge, it is not the most fundamental mode of knowing.
Comparison of guitar body response with and without coupling to the fundamental mode Frequency [Hz] Structures Free vibration Forced vibration plate with 3 braces 262 260 top of box 210 200 back of box 210 220 Note: Table made from bar graph.
to add innovative functions to the fundamental mode.
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