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the part of an enzyme or antibody where the chemical reaction occurs

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From functional site analysis, the results showed that the protein contained several phosphorylation sites and glycosylation sites, which indicated that the protein may be related to the regulation of cell signal transduction, and which meant it was related to chemical sensory conduction too.
When we redesigned our website, the goal was to provide a functional site that gave visitors easy access to information about their state government, services we offer and the latest news from the governor's office," Fallin said.
Current advances in isolating antibodies from HIV-infected individuals have allowed for the discovery of a large number of new, broadly neutralizing anti-HIV antibodies directed against the host receptor (CD4) binding site -- a functional site on the surface of the virus that allows for cell entry and infection.
Urban River's managing director Carl Buckley said: "It was great for our talents to be recognised as a company capable of creating a well designed and functional site.
com and the multiple track owner, whose venues include flagships such as Wimbledon, Oxford and Belle Vue, say that its introductory website, which will detail what punters and greyhound fans can expect, will be up and running tonight or tomorrow morning and that their fully functional site will be in operation within two months.
For the parameters of all the contributions, see James Meyer's "The Functional Site," ibid.
While making the website responsive, the designers and developers have ensured that all the elements are properly coded so that they would be moved or hidden to present a simpler, yet functional site to its visitors.
Rather than invest in expensive web design such as animation and graphics, we have retained a simple yet highly functional site.
Arc winner Fat Boy Slim hails from the Elbony Kennels in Ireland and they have worked hard to produce a functional site.
A FUNCTIONAL site - not very exciting but it keeps you up to date with the goings on on the Street over the last week.
In addition to keeping product and service information current, Hawaii National Bank wanted to give customers a more functional site that they would want to visit on a regular basis.
The project will include typical electrical fixtures and devices, panels, switchboards, relays, lighting control systems, conduits, boxes, wire and terminations to support a complete and functional site and building electrical system.
8220;Our main focus when reconstructing the website was to create a more functional site for our candidates with respect to the legal job searching process,” says Raj Nichani, President of RMN Global Search.
Once a company purchases BOOKIE, we will have a fully functional site up and ready for them very quickly," Serber said.
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