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a person with some ability to read and write but not enough for daily practical needs

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Though the report offers no estimate for the cost of functional illiteracy, the National Right to Read Foundation places the price tag nationally at $224 billion.
People with low socioeconomic status, immigrants, high school dropouts, and the unemployed have higher rates of functional illiteracy than the average adult (Quirk, 2000).
Although there is no universally accepted definition of literacy, functional illiteracy is defined as reading below a 5th-grade level (Kirsch et al.
Functional illiteracy remains high in developed and developing nations alike.
A dd to this an absolutely astonishing degree of functional illiteracy (it is dumbfounding that the richest nation in the world ranks 48th out of 150 members of the United Nations in literacy), the willful narcissism and stupidity of mass entertainment and the popularity of vapid "New Age" superstition, and a profound, widely-distributed sense of nihilistic despair about life, and MacIntyre's conclusion about the reigning "barbarians" seems amply confirmed.
Clearly, functional illiteracy is one of the most significant problems facing the world's society.
And our functional illiteracy on the domestic front is having a devastating effect on our society.
Report author Dr Richard Jolly says: "Britain scores very poorly, with functional illiteracy of 22 per cent which is almost as high as the United States and a real shocker.
Dr Jolly, in London for the report's launch, said: "In OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) data Britain scores very poorly, with functional illiteracy of 22 per cent, which is almost as high as the US and a real shocker.
Of the main industrialised countries, only Poland and England have worse levels of functional illiteracy.
Such education is crucial as South Africa boasts a functional illiteracy rate of nearly 30 percent, including many women.
Niche marketing trends, a rise in functional illiteracy, and newspapers' advertising pricing arrogance (established) in the '80s are all factors fueling these changes, he said.
view recent [high school] students as bordering on functional illiteracy.
section] a mandatory functional illiteracy program for all adults incarcerated in certain State corrections system or local jail or detention center;
Indeed, reams of statistics document their chronic unemployment/underemployment, functional illiteracy, incarceration, poor physical and mental health, unintended injuries and early deaths.
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