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In order to prove this, a positive functional dependency may be expected.
A set of functional dependencies F is in canonical form if each functional dependency X [right arrow] A in F, A is a singleton attribute.
Specifically, the relationships among APTI, LOS, and functional dependency were analyzed.
Figure 8 shows the mean percentage "true" response rate for the test alarm in terms of its ranked functional dependency to the other labeled active alarm in a component pair of two.
In contrast, variations in the amounts of postacute Medicare home health services that patients receive had an insignificant effect on functional dependency six weeks after discharge.
If there is no cycle in the functional dependency graph then we can apply Theorem 5.
To determine whether the intervention effect on primary caregiving hours varied by client or caregiver characteristics, interactions between the treatment group assignment and client age, sex, ethnicity, functional dependency, behavioral problems, prior hospitalization, and Medicaid eligibility were examined.
In contrast, the cognitive and physiological measures, which provided accurate discrimination between the outcome groups, appear to provide good indices of functional dependency in older provide good indices of functional dependency in older persons.
If it is accepted that the problem of nonsimplicity is the problem of multivalued dependency without functional dependency, then one would conjecture that if the problem of nonsimplicity is taken care of, then the only remaining problem is that of functional dependency.
This frequently may be a life-threatening disorder that increases functional dependency and necessitates a prolonged period of rehabilitation.
R is not in 3NF because of the functional dependency sId, pId [right arrow] delivPlace:
Additional Key Words and Phrases: Database constraints, functional dependency, object-identity, temporal databases, time granularity
Selection Corrected Mean Functional Dependency Scores for Patients Discharged to Home (Without Home Care), by DRG at Each Time Point
A functional dependency (FD) A [right arrow] B means that for a given value of A, at most one B value is possible.
Design approaches that respect the dependency-preserving property decompose the universal relation in order to ensure that every functional dependency holds in a given relation of the final schema.
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