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A functional dependency composite score (ranging from 2-7) was calculated for each subject by summing the pre-operative functional status and post-operative gait and bed mobility functional scores to provide each individual a global functional performance measure, where higher scores indicated greater dependency.
The following variables yielded significant correlation with LOS using sequential Bonferroni adjustment: age, number of levels, number of physical therapy visits, and functional dependency.
This study examined the effects of post-hospital Medicare home health and informal care on patients' subsequent functional dependency.
The functional dependency index was created by standardizing each of the three variables, adding the standardized variables together, and then standardizing the resulting dependency index.
This frequently may be a life-threatening disorder that increases functional dependency and necessitates a prolonged period of rehabilitation.
Williams, "Health Promotion for the Elderly: Reducing Functional Dependency," in Healthy People: The Surgeon General's Report on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: Background Papers (Washington, D.
Selection Corrected Mean Functional Dependency Scores for Patients Discharged to Home (Without Home Care), by DRG at Each Time Point
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