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The combination of multiple functionalities within one housing was a direct consequence of using Functional Decomposition techniques (Dieter 2000) in the design process; positioning and actuation of each tool tip is accomplished with the same tool shaft, reducing the overall complexity of the MIS task.
Another major component of information engineering is the functional decomposition diagramming technique.
In contrast to limited statechart tools available from other vendors, Statemate INTRO provides embedded systems engineers with the ability to define the context (Interfaces) of the larger system being designed and to perform functional decomposition using an activity chart.
6 - March 5): Course participants will gain an understanding of the following five key requirements engineering activities: elicitation of requirements, documentation and specifications, analysis and functional decomposition, requirements management, and verification and validation.
The flow of forces, which is used to obtain the functional decomposition of the machine, takes into account all the different forces that are present in the machine tool.
Database Development Process: defining the enterprise data modelling, business function, functional decomposition, etc.
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