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Synonyms for purpose

Synonyms for purpose

the proper activity of a person or thing

to have in mind as a goal or purpose

Synonyms for purpose

an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions

what something is used for

propose or intend

reach a decision

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For this reason, the Summit content is crafted around three categories of offerings: relevant industry trends , functional area topics , and personal skill development.
As the team members' familiarity with each functional area increased, they realized that DAIG inspectors would search for answers in areas outside of the battalion's direct control.
To provide BCT commanders with engineer advisors with a strong base of engineer knowledge and skills, a pool of ready professional engineers available in this functional area would be needed.
On Wednesday, the CoCom will have meetings on more functional areas, including technology and ticketing.
AIS/Foundation Products--The ABCS Information Server (AIS) acts as an information hub, providing critical data to the Battlefield Functional Areas (BFAs) to include alerts, messaging, communications, and address books.
Examples of forums that can be used for communication include management presentations, steering committee meetings with liaisons from functional areas, breakout sessions with functional areas, and intranet sites on which information is published.
Marcom suffers from the same measurement difficulties as other functional areas of communication, namely internal communication or public relations.
Typically this was a functional area staffed entirely at the clerical support level, though paraprofessionals were occasionally employed in large operations for workflow and employee supervision.
Preparing students to find practical solutions to real business problems must be grounded on a thorough understanding of the functional areas of business: accounting, finance, management information systems, marketing and management.
Upon completion of this training, teams were formed with managers from functional areas, where possible, and from cross-functional areas with others.
The contract's focus is on health and biomedical-related IT Services, and can be used for acquisitions across a broad base of functional areas.
Divided into three functional areas, including the integration of functional areas of logistics, trade and business function areas and integrated support functional areas.
Only certain functional areas (the ones with sizable requirements for captains) participate in the early FD board but FA24 has participated in every early FD board to date.
In addition, roles and responsibilities for functional areas that have traditionally focused on records and information management or dealt with certain types of records and information risk, such as a records management department of the IT department, will need to be redefined in relation to how records and information risk management fits into the organizations enterprise-wide risk management program.
In 2001, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and his leadership team realized the need to transform management processes and systems in all major business functional areas.
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