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a word that is uninflected and serves a grammatical function but has little identifiable meaning

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EAL/D learners who do not have full linguistic resources of SAE yet, including all these function words, may successfully recognise sight words but not automatically use them in their own linguistic output.
Consequently, the telic (functional) role associated with fare is very much in line with the connotative core vocabulary of Italian on the Internet and therefore it is to be expected that a function word of this sort, used to perform dynamic activities, might play such a central role.
In particular, we examine the role of two sources of information to which very young infants may plausibly have access: phrasal prosody and function words.
Making use of the DOE Corpus she discusses the variety of such function words in Old English and tries to find out the reasons for the morphological simplification and/or loss of most of them in later English.
Opposite-sex pairs who used similar types and frequencies of function words were more than three times as likely to express mutual interest in dating as pairs whose speaking styles differed.
The same relation could be observed between the number f of function words omitted and the value of [mu].
The fact that object shift only affects weak pronouns in mainland Scandinavian is seen as an instance of a more general observation that can be made in all Germanic languages: weak function words tend to avoid the edges of larger prosodic domains.
The function of function words and fuctional categories.
counting the number of feminine endings used); looking for parallel passages in other plays (by Shakespeare, his likely co-author, as well as other candidates); documenting vocabulary and other linguistic preferences (some writers prefer you instead of ye, for example); and counting function words (like and, or, and but).
For the assessment of the second task, some learners' function words were registered as significant marking devices throughout the conversations.
In the most cases, the sufferer has the most trouble with such auxiliary and function words as conjunctions, prepositions, and articles, but severer cases limit the patient to the most basic and common noun-verb combinations.
As pointed out by Jerry Norman (1994), function words are predominantly Type B, which suggests that this was the default case and that Type A was more marked and could be invoked when additional emphasis was felt necessary.
Afterward, only linguistic patterns that cannot be perceived in reading--particularly combinations of function words and other collocations--resist conscious editorial alteration.
His earlier entries were worded so that when he read what his message said, he avoided the need for function words, with the exception of "to.
All but four of the stanza's stressed words are lexical; in line 9, "The light of hem myght no mon leven," lyght and leven are lexical, while hem and no are function words.