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The United States funded a rainwater catchment system project on Funafuti atoll, the capital of Tuvalu.
The plant located on Funafuti - the most populated atoll that hosts the capital of the Tuvalu island nation - was funded by the $50 million UAE-Pacific Partnership Fund through the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development.
For instance, Spruance recalled that when offensive operations commenced in the Central Pacific in the summer of 1943, Funafuti in the Ellice Islands was the nearest base to the Gilbert and Marshall Islands that had a good anchorage.
These now include a weekly container service providing a direct link between Auckland and Fiji, with onward connections to other islands including Kiribati, Wallis Island and Funafuti.
Caridean shrimps found in landlocked saltwater pools at four Indo-west Pacific localities (Sinai Peninsula, Funafuti Atoll, Maui and Hawaii Islands), with the description of one new genus and four new species.
21-22, Edgeworth David's second expedition to Funafuti Atoll in 1897 is described as "Seeking empirical proof for the theory of evolution through natural selection, David led an expedition .
Solar panels installed in 2008 on the roof of the stadium in the Tuvalu capital of Funafuti currently generate five percent of the residents' electrical needs.
In a survey of residents of Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu, Barnett discovered a frequently cited reason for people's reluctance to leave their homeland and work overseas is their deep attachment to the low-stress island way of life centred around family and social networks.
Classroom break: Nauru is a Micronesian island nation with no official capital and an estimated population of around 13,770, while Tuvalu is a set of islands in Oceania with an even smaller population whose capital Funafuti sounds more like something off a kids' dessert menu than the seat of parliament.
The new 40-kilowatt facility, set up in a soccer stadium in Funafuti atoll, the capital, can serve the power needs of about 50 of the country's 1,700 households while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by around 50 tons a year, Kansai Electric said.
Her travels extend to the Funafuti atoll, where rising sea levels are an immediate threat to inhabitants, not just an environmentalist's talking point, Whitty writes.
Landing at Funafuti, the capital, is an experience.
Most followers of other religions or denominations are found in Funafuti, the capital, with the exception of the relatively large proportion of followers of the Baha'i Faith on Nanumea Island.
Half its 11,000 people are crammed on the 30-hectare Funafuti Atoll giving it a population density rivalling Hong Kong.