Fumimaro Konoe

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Japanese statesman who set Japan's expansionist policies and formed an alliance with Germany and Italy (1891-1945)

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But Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe asked him to advise his Cabinet.
Matsuoka met with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Pope Pius XII, Chiang Kai-Shek, and he worked closely with Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe and Army Minister Hideki Tojo.
In February 1945, former Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe proposed to the emperor that the war be ended, stating to the effect that, ''Defeat, while deplorable, is inevitable.
Sorge entered Japan as a correspondent for the German daily Frankfurter Zeitung, and was arrested just two months before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, along with 34 others including Hotsumi Ozaki, an aide to prewar Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe.
The document shows the Soviet Union tried to get detained former Japanese army officer Fumitaka Konoe, son of former Japanese Premier Fumimaro Konoe, to spy for Moscow against Japan in 1953 during the Cold War, the experts said.