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annual herbs whose flowers have only one petal spurred at the base

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Antioxidant and hepatoprotective activity appraisal of four selected Fumaria species and their total phenol and flavonoid quantities.
Fumaria parviflora sweat and Distillates buckets of syrup to relieve jaundice is Ashtftdh.
The antimicrobial activity of 23 isoquinoline alkaloids from Turkish Fumaria and Corydalis species was detected, and many alkaloids displayed a significant activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria at 1 [micro]g/ml concentration.
Anti hepatotoxic activity of monomethyl fumarate isolated from Fumaria indica.
High content of hydroxycinnamic acids esterified with (+)-D-malic acid in the upper parts of Fumaria officinalis
2008 demonstrated the hepatoprotective potential of the whole plant extracts, fraction and pure alkaloid protopine isolated from Fumaria indica.
The present investigation demonstrates the hepatoprotective potential of 50% ethanolic water extract of whole plant of Fumaria indica and its three fractions viz.