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Synonyms for thunderbolt

a discharge of lightning accompanied by thunder

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a shocking surprise

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The decision announced in the Official Journal of the EU today said "Fereydoun Mahmoudian and Fulmen are not included on the list of persons and entities subject to restrictive measures.
When Earth asks her new-bom Giants to battle the gods, she says, "rapiat fulmen sceptrumque Typhoeus" ["Let Typhoeus seize the thunderbolt and the sceptre'] (Gigant.
Life grows more tragic when, shortly after Niobe's death, Vorenus's children are snatched by vengeful local gang leader Erastes Fulmen (Lorcan Cranitch), who later reveals he's murdered them in revenge for all the wrongs Vorenus has done.
But even this concentrated poetry has lost its pungency; and passion the most maddening lies tranquil in boards, a brutum fulmen [dulled thunderbolt], on the bookseller's table.
He was sold by Fulmen Park as agent to Kulani Park Thoroughbreds.