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a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released

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Fully-automatic volumetric filling machines Here De Vree distinguishes between machines for "small containers," meaning cans between 100 ml and 5 l and "big containers," meaning cans/pails between 500 ml and 20 l.
The fully-automatic Minuteman ELT3 (for microindentation applications) and ELT4 (for Rockwell and MicroRockwell applications) version are said to offer outstanding return on investment through improved productivity.
The new model trayformer features heavy duty welded steel construction; fully-automatic tray feeding and forming; is designed to run speeds up to 30 trays per minute; and has the capability to run other tray designs to accommodate a variety of different industries.
The KEG2000 Series is said to provide customers with enhanced handling and molding properties to meet today's requirements for flashless, fully-automatic molding.
Concord") (Nasdaq:LENS) today announced the Polaroid Splash II new fully-automatic, waterproof 35mm camera.
7 seconds) and fully-automatic picture taking and shut down cycles in only 1.
Alphasem designs, manufactures, and sells a complete range of semi- and fully-automatic die bonding and die sorting equipment for the semiconductor assembly industry.
Philips even specifies these figures at the high throughputs needed for fully-automatic in-line process control of semiconductor production lines.
The launch of the company's new flagship - the Volvo FH12 with the new 500 bhp engine and fully-automatic Volvo I-Shift gearchanging system - signals the start of a comprehensive product renewal for the Volvo Trucks heavy vehicle range, with more of the innovations to be presented soon.
Other features of the camera include: silent, fully-automatic film load, wind and rewind with mid-roll rewind capability; automatic film speed setting by DX code; and a self-timer setting.
The Powerheart fully-automatic bedside defibrillator-monitor continuously monitors in-hospital patients at risk of sudden cardiac arrest, instantly detects the onset of a life-threatening tachyarrhythmia, and when appropriate, delivers defibrillation shocks within seconds and without human intervention to convert the heart back to its normal rhythm.
Besides having the industry's strongest in-building coverage and nationwide, fully-automatic roaming, ARDIS customers now also benefit from increased network coverage and even faster response times.