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a punctuation mark (.) placed at the end of a declarative sentence to indicate a full stop or after abbreviations

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Fundraisers collected donations at the stadium and both managers wore the charity's green fullstop badge during postmatch interviews.
The game saw fundraisers placed throughout the stadium and both managers wore the charity's green fullstop badge for their postmatch media obligations.
Not only did the victory lift the Wildcats out of the Super League bottom four, it was the club's first away victory fullstop, since an unlikely win at Headingley last July.
When a student at a seminar started reading his paper at a rapid pace without paying attention to elocution, he interrupted him and said: "When I was in school, the teacher taught us to count 'one' at a comma, and 'one two' at a fullstop.
TRW, which recently sold off its Solihull-based aerospace division to rival Goodrich, conducted the test, which consisted of two automatic takeoffs, four touchand-go landings, and one fullstop landing.
I used to wish I had perfect eyes but my mum had to remind me there are people out there who wish they just had a minor eyelid problem because they'll never see fullstop.
I had to coach my young apprentice through three full-flappers; a half-flap, single-engine, boost-off; and a no-flap, no-speedbrake fullstop.
The more that can be published out of it the better, fullstop, whoever does it.
So far, the monthly event has seen top Kenyan DJs performing in Qatar, including Adrian Washika, Joe Mfalme, Simple Simon, Kalonje, Juan, MC Fullstop, Creme De La Creme and Kenyan pop artist David Mathenge, popularly known as Nameless, among others.