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a generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high speeds

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Rich Forte, President and CEO stated, "We believe the successful deployment of our Apollo series full-rate ADSL modem chipsets is attributable to its high performance, stable operation, and industry-wide interoperability with central office equipment, in addition to its patented auto-configuration capability for different ADSL standards.
Centillium's Flite Optimizer solution with integrated USB and PCI interfaces breaks through performance barriers by supporting full-rate ADSL service at 8Mbps without the need for external power" said Kimberly Funasaki, sr.
The report discusses trends in each market and forecasts full-rate ADSL, G.
lite standards-compatible and full-rate ADSL modems.
ADI is also introducing the world's first dual-channel integrated driver/receiver dissipating a low 800 milliWatts of power per channel for full-rate ADSL signals.
lite standard is a splitterless version of the full-rate ADSL and minimizes the need for "truck rolls", or the installation of specialized equipment at the subscribers' premises.
TI's splitterless full-rate ADSL technology is a powerful product that can bring reliable, high-speed Internet access to millions of households, and will help Compaq bring cost-effective broadband solutions to our consumers," said Sean Burke, vice president of the Consumer Products Division, Compaq Computer Corporation.
The new EL1526 and EL1529 use proprietary circuitry to achieve very low distortion and less than 750 mW per port total power consumption in full-rate ADSL applications.
Nasdaq: ORCT) announced and demonstrated, at Telecom '99 in Geneva, a splitterless full-rate ADSL solution to be integrated into the company's FastInternet(TM) System.
1 full-rate ADSL standards, and patents that enable the development of low-cost, high-performance DSL products.
While legacy DSL technology cannot work on "loaded" copper, because load coils distort the higher, digital frequencies, the new UBS solution from Pedestal Networks can deliver full-rate ADSL services to subscribers beyond load coils.
lite ADSL, the device allows for a simpler and more economical deployment of ADSL in applications where the speed of full-rate ADSL is not needed.
Lite resolves many of the other implementation problems of full-rate ADSL, leaving only time between ADSL and its rightful role as the dominant broadband delivery method in the US.