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a generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high speeds

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Other Actiontec products for DSL service providers include the Actiontec USB Home DSL Modem, a full-rate ADSL USB modem that allows users to simultaneously talk and surf the Internet on the same phone line; the Actiontec USB/Ethernet Home DSL Modem (bridge only), which gives users the option of connecting either to a USB or an Ethernet port; and the Actiontec Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway, an ADSL modem with a 4-port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet router and a USB LAN port that can be used to connect five PCs in a wired network.
Flite Optimizer is the first multi-mode ADSL chipset solution to feature a highly integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface, which eliminates the need for an external modem power supply, even at maximum bandwidth within full-rate ADSL specifications.
The new EL1526 and EL1529 use proprietary circuitry to achieve very low distortion and less than 750 mW per port total power consumption in full-rate ADSL applications.
lite standards-compatible and full-rate ADSL modems.
DynaMiTe is fully ANSI Issue 2 compliant and features: -- Direct ATM support (UTOPIA interface) -- Full software configuration and control -- Robust broadband connectivity up to 26 Kfeet on 24 AWG, 18 Kfeet on 26 AWG -- Full-rate ADSL transfer of up to 8 mb/s down and 850 kbps up (on 26 AWG) -- Software extensions to G.
The primary barrier preventing carriers from meeting subscriber demand for full-rate ADSL is the ADSL signal's rapid attenuation over copper infrastructure.
lite standard is a splitterless version of the full-rate ADSL and minimizes the need for "truck rolls", or the installation of specialized equipment at the subscribers' premises.
While legacy DSL technology cannot work on "loaded" copper, because load coils distort the higher, digital frequencies, the new UBS solution from Pedestal Networks can deliver full-rate ADSL services to subscribers beyond load coils.