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Synonyms for frame

Synonyms for frame

Synonyms for frame

the framework for a pair of eyeglasses

a single one of a series of still transparent pictures forming a cinema, television or video film

(baseball) one of nine divisions of play during which each team has a turn at bat

a single drawing in a comic_strip

an application that divides the user's display into two or more windows that can be scrolled independently

a system of assumptions and standards that sanction behavior and give it meaning

the hard structure (bones and cartilages) that provides a frame for the body of an animal

the internal supporting structure that gives an artifact its shape

a framework that supports and protects a picture or a mirror


Related Words

one of the ten divisions into which bowling is divided

enclose in or as if in a frame

enclose in a frame, as of a picture

take or catch as if in a snare or trap

formulate in a particular style or language

make up plans or basic details for

Related Words

construct by fitting or uniting parts together

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Army "Battle Lab" project illustrates how modern training programs utilize full-motion video to simulate hands-on field situations.
Other forums offering full-motion video files include the entertainment Drive Forum (GO EDRIVE), the Macintosh Multimedia Forum (GO MACMULTI), and the Contemporary Motion Images Forum (GO ENERGY).
ReelMagic's digital video playback capabilities add a new dimension to Authorware, allowing inexperienced authors to incorporate full-motion video with CD-quality sound into training manuals, presentations and other multimedia applications.
Innovation, such as full-motion video, allows service providers to differentiate themselves in an already competitive market," said William Cheek, a research analyst with Parks Associates.
The documents (text, graphics, full-motion video, sound and animation) are then converted into "hypertext.
CoolSign Systems includes proprietary software for content and network management that delivers rich, full-motion video and sound across wide area networks, for all types of digital screens.
ICTV's HeadendWare platform enables network operators to deliver compelling interactive content and applications, including animation, high-fidelity audio and full-motion video, to any digital set-top box.
The company's EMS-TV network delivers full-motion video advertising and interactive health information via touch-screen capabilities.
Engineers developing devices such as portable media players and portable DVD players demand color displays that are power efficient, and capable of full-motion video, all in a thin, lightweight package.
Concurrent Computer Corporation (NASDAQ: CCUR), a worldwide leader of on-demand technology that is shaping the future of television, today announced its patent pending solution for delivering graphical rich backgrounds along with scaled streaming full-motion video.
One of the true differentiators for cable will be the industry's ability to deliver full-motion video telephony, rather than a series of still images.
They will then be able to deliver full-motion video that matches home-TV quality.
com is produced for the World Gold Council by CFP Group and Global Marketing Services, as a Flash, Version 5, site with a dynamic menu system, audio, and seamless full-motion video streaming.