automatic firearm

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a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released

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Full-Automatic S-30pcs/Pack Facial Wet Wipes Machine.
Full-Automatic 30-l20pcs/Pack Baby Wet Wipes Machine.
Prior Information Notice without call for competition: The dna sample cards in full-automatic lvistjlaite.
Full-Automatic 5-30pcs/Pack Facial Wet Wipes Machine.
Full-automatic 30-120pes/pack baby wet wipes machine.
Bakker and movies must be employed in full-automatic and manual packaging machines, which are packed hot and cold meals including to resident citizens of the municipality of Esbjerg.
Krause's modular product program includes all necessary components for full-automatic, semi-automatic and manual assembly of engines, transmissions and axles as well as the corresponding sub-assemblies such as cylinder head, steering or gear sets.
Of the total bid shall include two identical full-automatic blood analyzer connected to the results of autovalidointiin and storage of samples mikroskopointitulosten the interim information system Effica Laboratory Information System