automatic firearm

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a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released

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I work part way through a magazine and then kick the selector to full-auto and hammer out a long burst.
The National Firearms Act (NFA) defines a "firearm" as a full-auto or any part which makes a gun into a full-auto.
They're just very expensive due to the fact they are capable of full-auto firing and therefore must be registered with the Federal Government.
That is, it could be switched from semi-auto to full-auto by the flick of a finger.
Then she asked if I'd like to invest the cash in a couple more full-auto WWII weapons for my growing collection.
In this report, we'll look at the first successful production pellet gun to lire standard diabolo (wasp waist and hollow tail) pellets in the full-auto mode.
To many, including any law enforcement personnel you my encounter, if it looks like an illegal machine gun and it has a full-auto position and markings on it then it must be an illegal machine gun.
I've fired an original full-auto BAR and the semi-auto one is easier to actually hit with.
Since I began acquiring an array of World War II and Korean War vintage full-auto machine guns and submachine guns in 2008, many people have written or asked me in person if the process isn't a morass of red tape.
Author Jaderquist also wrote that because of the AR-10's straight stock design it could be fired full-auto accurately despite its 6-3/4-pound weight.