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a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released

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Caption: The semi-auto and full-auto MAC's were very similar in the early days.
In the movies, guns have no recoil, in the real world they will jump all over the place in full-auto mode.
Unfortunately, most of the full-auto Hi-Powers which have been built have been full-auto only, a definite negative from my point of view.
The Canon TX-20P Full-Auto Tonometer is designed to capture the complete automated measurement of both intraocular pressure (IOP) and central corneal thickness (CCT) in both eyes, helping eye care professionals detect and monitor eye care disorders, such as glaucoma and ocular hypertension, at an early stage.
Marc Krebs of Krebs Custom Guns had one in inventory built on a post-86 full-auto U.
Pressing down on its button allows the selector to easily pivot between the semi-auto (N) and full-auto (R) positions.
For the last 30 years I have owned a federally registered full-auto M16 (created prior to May 1986 on the NFA Form 1 process) so I am quite familiar with automatic fire with M16/AR-15 firearms.
Umarex's first UZI-brand airsoft offering is a CO2-powered submachine rifle that shoots full-auto, and features an all-metal receiver and a 25-round magazine.
Similar to SLR models, PowerShot S1 IS digital camera users also enjoy the flexibility of a full array of exposure control settings including ProgramAE, Shutter-priority, Aperture-priority, Manual Mode and full-auto P.
Some time ago I did a column in Handgunner about the formalities one must attend to in order to legally own a full-auto, i.
What makes the 9-pound FG42 so unique is the fact it fires the full-power 8x57mm cartridge from a 20-round box magazine in either full-auto mode from an open bolt or semi-auto from a closed bolt.
The bad news, for those lucky individuals who have that option, is that the Armageddon Gear suppressor cover is not rated for full-auto fire.
Over the years, Shooting Industry has presented data on firearm sales, but I have not seen anything on Class 3 sales: full-auto and suppressors.
The seven shooting modes - Personal, Night Scene, Portrait, Close-Ups, Spot Metering, Real-time Release, and Full-Auto, are easily identified on the Best Shot dial with icons depicting each shooting mode.
For decades inventors have been coming up with gadgets which have been advertised to "simulate" full-auto firing when installed on the owner's rifle.