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Antonyms for full-time

for the entire time appropriate to an activity

for the standard number of hours

References in classic literature ?
This interview ended, it became full time for Rebecca to return to her inn, where all the party of the previous day were assembled at a farewell breakfast.
The number of FTE employees is determined by calculating the average number of monthly hours of service by all employees who worked less than full time (but capped at 120 hours for any single employee) and dividing by 120 (Prop.
Full time faculty encourage adjunct participation in governance and curriculum development--not just for efficient division of labor but also for more effective implementation of policies (Edmondson & Fisher, 2003).
The second major difference is the fact that attending class while working full time immerses students in a literal living laboratory where ideas that were presented the night before get tested the next day when solving a thorny problem.
The share of men working full time and year round rose from 73.
Additionally, the NEA ADVOCATE (2000:3) indicated that a national survey suggested that there is a concern among full time faculty over the increased use of adjuncts.
5 million postsecondary students enrolled at some point during the 1993-1994 school year, just under half (45%) were enrolled full time for the full year.
Many of those fortunate enough to have full time employment are working the longest hours of their lives-often at jobs which remain rote, narrow, and minutely supervised.
These firms provide teleworkers with top-quality services and facilities on a part-time as well as a full time basis.
Once l finished in the program and started a full time job I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it, and it was no fun living like that.
Line managers need to be available and accessible full time, and you are being hired for part-time work.
This summer, Bush told the country in his acceptance speech that he's "for dads sticking around," but when dad is already gone, Bush stands foursquare behind experiments in welfare reform that compel the remaining parent to go to work full time.
Full Time Solutions (FTS), based in Irvine, is a leading regional provider of human resource-related administration and compliance services for businesses of all sizes.
The student demand for online courses has outpaced the full time instructional capacity at many institutions, creating an instructional gap that adjuncts readily fill.
The Survey of Casual and Part-Time Registered Nurses in Ontario indicates that most are working part time because of family and other personal reasons and many could be induced to return to full time work under some condition.