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As this was their final parade before heading to the Middle East, the guards invltea their families to attend and wore full dress uniform.
All 17 men inside were arrested and had reportedly been wearing full dress uniform, with badges of rank and campaign medals.
Cairngorm McWomble will appear in a new pop video from the furry favourites, clad in the full dress uniform of a Scots Guards Pipe Major.
Pall bearers in full dress uniform were carrying his coffin, draped in a Union Flag and with his hat and belt on top, from his family home to a waiting hearse.
Around 200 soldiers in full dress uniform are parading behind the regiment's pipes and drums this week in a series of gala marches to welcome back the squaddies who served in Iraq.
Dressed entirely in black, including a boatman's cap, Snyder was wheeled into the courtroom Friday by his son Neil, an Army officer wearing full dress uniform.
Why, it's enough to make even a Household Cavalryman feel like nodding off - even if he is on duty in full dress uniform.
Two days later he raided the three bars in full dress uniform.
This film starts with a soldier playing a wheelie bin with a pair of drumsticks before a couple of trombonists and a drummer, in full dress uniform, walk in playing their instruments.
Some bus drivers even told of seeing Beaton in his full dress uniform.
His send-off was accompanied by a guard of honour, with guests in full dress uniform.
Thousands of people broke into spontaneous applause as the crowd paid a respectful tribute, watched by police in full dress uniform.
Also included is a full dress uniform and other objects which have been donated by Mr Rai and other members of the Gurkha community.
The Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, in full dress uniform, was accompanied by Stephanie's aunt, the sister of Countess Alix de Lannoy, who died in late August.
In recognition of her time at the police authority a procession of Merseyside Police officers attended in full dress uniform as a sign of their respect.