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He was back in his home town in full dress uniform to mark the event.
Female Yeomen in full dress uniform are inspected by RADM Victor Blue on the grounds of the Washington Monument, Washington, D.
Hundreds of firefighters stood in full dress uniform as a fire truck carrying Maynard's remains paraded to the Church of the Master, with a pipe and drum corps playing Amazing Grace.
Hundreds of firefighters stood in the rain in sombre silence, in full dress uniform.
The official history of Annapolis states that Zimmerman had so many medals that he would have drowned instantly if he ever fell overboard in full dress uniform.
One side will feature a close-up the Marine Corps Silent Drill team in full dress uniform while the other side will feature the Marine Non-Commissioned Officer's (NCO) sword.
But the one on trial is in full dress uniform, "because it is the last time that he or she might wear it," the official said.
Ensign Ewart said staff followed licensing rules which made it illegal to serve people in full dress uniform, adding: "We work within the confines of licensing laws.
Thousands of people broke into spontaneous applause as the crowd paid a respectful tribute, watched by police in full dress uniform.
So to add a Green Howards company into the Rifles Regiment with full Green Howards cap badge, buttons and full dress uniform would be no trouble at all.
A Royal Marines' regimental bugler, in full dress uniform, was also in attendance.
More than 45 members of the city of Liverpool sea cadet corps donned full dress uniform for the visit by Commodore Dickie Baum, before performing a play based on the D-Day landings.
The base commander, resplendent in full dress uniform, marches up and ushers us into an open topped jeep.
Deputies and family members signed the mattings of three portraits of Hamson in full dress uniform and inscribed squares of fabric that will be stitched together in a quilt for the deputy.