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a 12-note scale including all the semitones of the octave

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Since the trumpets before 1814 (when valves were first used) could not produce the full chromatic scale of thirteen tones in an octave, composers of the Romantic and previous eras confined music for the trumpet to fanfares and filler type sounds.
This allows the player more options for variations and the ability to play easily in more than one key, with a full chromatic scale available.
This is significant because when these pieces were written, the flute had only recently been redesigned with a key (to allow players access to a full chromatic scale) and a conical bore (to improve volume and intonation).
By now the band boasted a full chromatic range of American sourced bugles, extending the range and virtuosity of the band, and the old cavalry trumpets were now redundant.
In addition, the full chromatic spectrum of such hybrid colors often reveals itself only under particular light conditions, making their appearance even more dynamic and intriguing.