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a member of a pastoral and nomadic people of western Africa

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Stimulated by the seminal paper by Bassett (1988) that documents the Ivorian government's policies of the 1970s and 1980s to attract Fulbe migrants from the north (also see Tonah 2003), 1 explore how the interplay of the interests and powers of the colonial state and mobile subjects affected the exercise of state power on rural subjects at the beginning of colonial rule in dryland West Africa.
In addition, FulBe agro-pastoralists migrated from the Sahel in search of pasture and dry season watering-points and became sedentarized in the area (Ouedraogo, 2003).
De Bruijn, M, & Han Van Dijk (1995), Arid Ways: Cultural Understanding of Insecurity in Fulbe Society, Central Mali.
of countries where Percentage they are spoken (X/12) (%) Hausa 6 50 Fulbe, Fulfulde (Pulaar) 6 50 Bambara, Gurmancema, 3 25 Senoufo, Dagara, 2 17 Ewe Yoruba 2 17
As her moniker "La Poulard" implied, this woman more than likely came from one of the Peular, Fulbe, or Fulani ethnic groups of the Senegal River Valley.
Herdsmen are traditionally Peul, also called Fulbe or Fulani in Ghana and in many other African countries (Freudenberger, 1995; Tonah, 2005).
L'argumentation insiste sur les valeurs sociales et esthetiques fulbe a travers le mode de vie pastoral, l'attachement au bovin ou la richesse de la langue fulfulde exprimee dans les eloges aux bovins et les chants des jeunes filles.
Fulbe Voices: Marriage, Islam, and Medicine in Northern Cameroon.
Here, I describe the organization of Qur'anic schooling in the Fulbe community in Maroua, Cameroon, at the turn of the millennium.
En el siglo xiii, viajeros magrebies ya hacian distinciones entre los distintos pueblos de idioma pular de la zona: los tokolor, sedentarios que habitaban las ciudades, y los fulbe quienes eran nomadas y vivian del pastoreo (30).
Aussi Le Roi de Kahel utilise-t-il la terminologie mise en place par l'ethnologie francaise de la premiere moitie du vingtieme siecle, au lieu de l'orthographe scientifique moderne qui est basee sur les langues indigenes (ainsi, Monenembo utilise peul au lieu de pullo, peuls au lieu de fulbe, poulakou au lieu de pulaaku).
In the north and center, Gorane (sub-groups are Toubou, Daza, Kreda), Zaghawa, Kanembou, Ouaddai, Arabs, Baguirmi, Hadjerai, Fulbe, Kotoko, Hausa, Boulala, and Maba, most of whom are Muslim.
The expansion and adaptation of Fulbe pastoralism to subhumid and humid conditions in Nigeria.
58) Portuguese authorities continued to rely on the Kriston until 1912, when a newly appointed military commander opted for the deployment of African mercenaries from the Muslim Fulbe and Mande in the interior savanna.