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a member of a pastoral and nomadic people of western Africa

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a family of languages of the Fulani of West Africa and used as a lingua franca in the sub-Saharan regions from Senegal to Chad

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Fula said that she is thankful she was falsely accused of prostitution rather than something more serious like drug trafficking which may have landed her in prison for life.
Most people are farmers, with traditional religious beliefs (animism); 40% are Muslim, principally Fula and Mandinka speakers concentrated in the north and northeast.
Comparative material is listed in Blache & Miton (1960), Chambers (1984, Rahad el Fula population), and Wildekamp (1995).
With roots in the African Fula and Sonyinke, (1) the Soucouyant is a mythical woman who strips off her skin at night and roams the streets looking for the blood of babies and animals to survive (Pradel 151-2).
The accused include, Fula Vyas of VHP, local BJP leader Jitendra Patel and ex-BJP municipal councilor Ashok Patel.
Ook Johannie giet die beeld van Arthur Fula en Angela se verhaal van Melvin Whitebooi word as werke wat die bestaande hierargiese verhoudings respekteer geinterpreteer.
VISUALLY AND ETHICALLY EFFECTIVE: Rich colourway silk crinke and plain panel 100% silk Fula scarf, EUR22, by Sasha, a non-profit organisation working with over 100 groups of craftspeople in India.
Table 1 Familiarity with languages other than English (reported by students) American students International students Total Spanish 42 7 49 French 19 7 26 French creole 11 -- 11 German -- 4 4 Arabic -- 4 4 Urdu -- 4 4 Portuguese -- 3 3 Hindi -- 3 3 Italian -- 1 1 Turkish -- 1 1 Japanese -- 1 1 Korean 1 1 2 Kiswahili -- l I Sindhi -- 1 1 Hausa -- 1 1 Fula -- 1 1 Indonesian -- 1 1 Twi 1 -- 1 Vietnamese 1 -- 1 Dutch 1 -- 1 Total # reported 7 16 20 Table 2 Responses to item (8) Agree Not sure N % N % American students 42 (38.
The different dialect areas of Yalunka are not contiguous to each other, but separated by large areas of predominantly Fula speaking communities.
Islam is practiced most widely by the Fula and Mandinka ethnic groups, and Muslims generally live in the north and northeast.
Each of the four main tribes - Mandinka, Fula, Wolof and Jola - has its own distinct language and these are divided into an infinite number of dialects.
Language: English (official), Mandinka, Wolof, Fula and other indigenous dialects
Further Indigenous Scripts of West Africa: Mandingo, Wolof and Fula Alphabets and Yoruba 'Holy Writing'".