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a member of a pastoral and nomadic people of western Africa

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a family of languages of the Fulani of West Africa and used as a lingua franca in the sub-Saharan regions from Senegal to Chad

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In fact, the success of the brothers' boutique was due in part to their having brought in an outsider to operate it, a Fula youth from Guinea Conakry, who could be easily coopted.
This population is made up of Bambara Malinke and Marka (Soninke) farmers, Bozo and Somono fishermen, and Fula and Diawando livestock farmers.
The differences can be observed in cases like treatment of diarrhea (Serial Number 4, Kaviraj 1 versus Serial Number 8, Kaviraj 2), fever (Serial Number 15, Kaviraj 1 versus Serial Number 19, Kaviraj 2), loss of appetite (Serial Number 29, Kaviraj 1 versus Serial Number 30, Kaviraj 2), and fula rogh or swellings (Serial Number 14, Kaviraj 1 versus Serial Number 42, Kaviraj 2).
Buyers crowd the booths amidst a constant din of English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Russian and Fula.
We welcome the ward's day workers who will be with us during the shift, translating our English into French, and into the local languages Susu, Madingo and Fula.
Languages: English (official), Mandinka, Wolof, Fula and other indigenous
Bassari Country: Bassari, Fula and Bedik Cultural Landscapes (Senegal);
The most significant ethnic groups include the Bambara, Soninke, Khassonke, Malinke, Fula, Voltaic, Songhai, Tuareg, and Moor.
net, Fula stated that she is sick and tired of talking about the scandal and it has caused her so much especially in regards to her singing career and now is the time for her to put everything in the past and move on and concentrate on more important issues.
Ethnic groups: Balanta 30%, Fula 20%, Manjaca 14%, Mandinga 13%, Papel 7%, others 16%.
Por otro lado, en Manuela Don Demostenes se siente inmediatamente atraido por la joven lavandera que encuentra a los dos dias de haber llegado a la Parroquia y a quien describe con mucha libertad como una morena bonita de "pies desnudos entre el agua, el pelo suelto, y cubierta con unas enaguas de fula azul que bajaban desde los hombros hasta las rodillas [.
Amadou Cheikhou founded the Fula Empire in what is now the Mopti region in Mali and ruled for almost three decades in the first half of the 19th century.
Therefore, his argument challenges Walter Rodney and Boubacar Barry's notions that most of the slaves who passed through Bissau and Cacheu and into the Atlantic were made captive in the more distant interior and were the products of wars waged by states, especially the Mandinka state of Kaabu and a Fula state on the Futa Jallon plateau.
References to "ethnic" groups are generally limited to those who entered into contact and engaged in trade relations with Europeans, such as the Mandinga, Fula, Pepel, Bijago, and Biafada.