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a family of languages of the Fulani of West Africa and used as a lingua franca in the sub-Saharan regions from Senegal to Chad

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Founded in 2005, ful is dedicated to making quality, value-driven bags with a fashion edge.
State MAC programs are similar to the FUL program, which establishes national ceiling prices for certain generic drugs under Medicaid.
An important difference between the FUL program and State MAC programs is that State MAC lists typically contain more drugs and assign lower prices than the FUL list.
Drug lists and pricing information from Georgia, Washington, Texas, and Arkansas's MAC programs and the FUL program were aggregated into a master spreadsheet.
The drugs contained in the master spread-sheet were divided into two groups: (1) FUL--the set of drugs (listed by GCN) for which prices are established by CMS, and (2) non-FUL--the set of drugs (listed by GCN) for which no FUL price is set by CMS.
If a certain drug entity contained some GCNs with FUL prices and some GCNs without FUL prices, the GCNs with FUL prices were placed in the FUL list and the GCNs without FUL prices were placed in the non-FUL list.
The sentences (8-9) contain the nominal phrases ful eape 'very easily', full apele 'very noble', full welize 'very rich', full unrote 'very unhappy', and full baldlice 'very boldly'.
a bound form with ful, is dated in the OED much earlier than the non-bound, grammaticalized intensifier ful in (8) above; cf.
c) The rise of a grammaticalized form may trigger the elimination of another functionally related form in the same language, as was the case with the intensifier ful ousted by very, an original adjective from French, which became an intensifier through grammaticalization.
b) The reduction of an original more complex spelling, like full > ful, may sometimes reflect an ongoing grammaticalization; cf.
For most residents of Makkah, there is no iftar meal without their favorite traditional dishes of ful and tamiz.
As I was waiting for my turn, one of the customers suddenly rushed forward and asked the salesman to give him ful for three riyals," he said.
He asked me to give him three plastic bags of ful," he said.