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a blowfish highly prized as a delicacy in Japan but highly dangerous because the skin and organs are poisonous

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African slave ships bring with them the fuku, and it is the fuku, at the novel's opening, that gives shape and possibility to the Dominican and American tales that evolve in later pages" (213).
7) explicitly invokes Gabriel Garcia Marquez's magic realist novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, while Yunior's disclaimers about the reality of marvelous events such as the appearance of the mongoose or the existence of the fuku or curse set his narrative apart from the magic realist mode in which the magical is accepted as real with no hesitation expressed by the narrator.
The fuku curse illustrates how the people of the Caribbean have used folk stories and legends in order to construe and explicate the history of colonialism, the end of the European imperialistic enterprise, and the ongoing struggle to form independent nation-states.
Fuku, pronounced (Foo-Koo), translates to good fortune, luck and wealth in Japanese.
One of the things you certainly cannot fault at Fuku - which means wealth and good fortune - is the welcome.
2) Nagareiku tsumujikaze fuku samuiyo ni otto wa hitori de nete iru daroo ka (59).
If you are ever lucky enough to go there, you could take a trip to the Fuku Bonsai gardens, where age-old bonsai are cared for.
One day, in the revolving restaurant, he was served a large platter of fuku,(*) arranged in the form of an exultant swan.
The preliminary judging took place on Thursday at the Fuku Bonsai Center.
ECHIZEN, JAPAN, LOCATED IN THE FUKU PREFECTURE NEAR the Sea of Japan, has a history spanning 800 years, involving a string of families producing utilitarian ware from the region's rich clay.
The main exhibits will include statues of sunlight bodhisattva, moonlight bodhisattva and Fuku Kenjaku Kannon bodhisattva.
This rare and exceptionally high six-fold screen by the celebrated painter is from the artist's mature period in the fuku yamato-e style and depicts Mount Tsukuba; the mate to this screen depicting Mount Fuji is in collection of Utsunomiya Art University.
Two artists, Nanako Kaji and Fuku Fukumoto, contributed pieces that capture the kinetics of the sublime in small objects.
Japanese painter Fuku Akino, who specialized in Indian themes, died Thursday morning of heart failure at her home in Kyoto, her family said.
Okubo, whose real name is Fuku Okubo, has produced various works of art showcasing the unique character of leather, including its warmth.