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Lee Yi-yang Director General of Department of Health Lee Ming-liang Director General of Coast Guard Administration Wang Chun National Palace Museum Director Tu Cheng-sheng Fukien Provincial Governor Yen Chung-cheng Minister without portfolio Chiou I-jen Minister without portfolio Huang Hwei-chen Minister without portfolio Lin Sheng-feng Minister without portfolio Chen Chi-nan Minister without portfolio Hu Sheng-cheng Minister without portfolio Tsay Ching-yen (f) = female
For it was a handful of sailors and merchant marines from Fuzhou and neighboring Ma Wei, men like Alan Mansin Lau, a former president of the Fukien American Association, who planted the first seeds of Fuzhou's New York-based community by jumping ship in the United States during the two decades following World War II.
Manufacturers of frozen grilled eel from Taiwan prefer to set up operations in Kiangsu, Fukien and Kwangtung provinces.
Mandarin restaurants presented dishes from Szechuan, Shanghai, Fukien, Hunan, and Taiwan.
Nine pupils aged 13 to 16 and a teacher from Fukien Secondary School in Hong Kong Island embraced and immersed themselves in all aspects of school life at Litherland High.
As Watchman Nee wrote on December 4, 1932, "For three years now, more than ten places in Tsao Ning (Zaoning), of Kiangsu (Jiangsu), belonging to the [American] Presbyterians, more than ten places in T'ai Shuen (Taishun), of Chekiang (Zhejiang), belonging to the [China] Inland Mission, a number of places in Fukien (Fujian) of other sects, agreeing in doctrine, have already been amalgamated, have done away with their original name, changed the rules of pastors and leaders, and attached themselves to the Little Flock.
John's, Shanghai, Hangchow, Hwa Nan, Fukien, and Lingnan--include four medical schools and the first school of dentistry in China.
Along with clear evidence from various Jin dialects and Foochow, Sagart cites data from Pan Weishui's article on Kienow [Jian'ou] [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] dialect, a variety of Northern Min [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], spoken in northeastern Fukien (Pan 1994):
The island was captured in 1683 by the Manchus who made it a dependency of nearby Fukien Province.
Eduard Vermeer, Chinese Local History: Stone Inscriptions from Fukien in the Sung to Ch'ing Periods (Boulder, 1991), 90-100.
The Fukien regional style features a large number of soups, congees, and stews, with a Fukienese specialty being the use of coagulated blood from pigs and chickens stir-fried with onions and other ingredients.
Huang Shen, from an obscure family in Fukien, began his career as a professional painter by specializing in portraits done in a careful, linear style.