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an extinct volcano in south central Honshu that is the highest peak in Japan

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Rather than the United States, Japan is getting involved deeply'' in Taiwan, Zhou told Fujiyama during their meeting, according to one of the strictly confidential documents, which was created by a senior official of the Foreign Ministry on March 11, 1971, based on the former minister's account of the trip after his return to Tokyo.
The orders dived 44 percent from a year before as of last Wednesday, according to Toshiyuki Fujiyama, Itoham's managing director.
Imagery from a silk scarf adorns the Carre de Soie plates, coffee cup and saucer; these delicate flowers, found within the snows of Mount Fujiyama, are stamped on a snow white.
Tests on phlox Blue Paradise, which is said to be resistant to mildew, and the non-resistant phlox Fujiyama, showed that both were badly affected by mildew, while there was also no difference in the result of tests for downy mildew on the so-called resistant butterhead lettuce Milan and the nonresistant All the Year Round.
95) cleverly arranged utilizing fresh lemons in the center of the plate to dramatically drape the raw tuna and seared albacore into a Mount Fujiyama depiction, with the bonus of very fresh, excellent-tasting sliced fish.
Seventh race: Fujiyama Crest won 2-1 favourite, backed down by frantic bookies from a double figure price.
Yoshiko Fujiyama, Yoshiko Yamaguchi and Sachiko Fujiyama are a fun band but whether they're actually better than most half-decent blues covers outfits on these shores is open to debate.
Asao Fujiyama of the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo and his colleagues used genetic material from three adult chimps to determine the entire DNA sequence of the animals' chromosome 22.
University of Oregon professor Julia Nemirovskaya (left) goes over the script of "The Minor" with graduate student Masako Fujiyama.
The patents acquired by Dow were obtained from inventors Tatsuji Seki and Kazuhito Fujiyama, based on work they completed while working at the University of Osaka.
Fujiyama Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar has signed a 4,134 SF lease at 447 Springfield Ave.
Presiding Judge Masayuki Fujiyama, however, said the ruling does not oblige Odakyu to destroy the section of railway already completed.
He will also renew acquaintanceship with Fujiyama Crest, the horse who completed his full house of winners.
On arrival in Japan the competitors will relax with a visit to Mount Fujiyama before setting sail for Shanghai.