psychogenic fugue

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dissociative disorder in which a person forgets who they are and leaves home to creates a new life


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There is much to savor in this lavish package from Fugue State Films, but the main course is George Ritchie's magnificent recording of the Art of Fugue, made on the Richards, Fowkes, & Co.
But how do you explain the dissociative fugue state of MarketWatch.
Kafka said a book should be like an axe that cracks open the frozen sea inside us: and Brian Evenson's new book, Fugue State, at the very least does that.
Make that CHILDREN'S TV SHOW HOST IN FUGUE STATE and America is lost.
In the new documentary, "Unknown White Male," director Rupert Murray tells the story of Doug Bruce, a former stock broker turned photographer, living alone in New York City, who, one evening in July 2003, apparently experienced a dissociative fugue state that lasted for at least several hours.