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a blowfish highly prized as a delicacy in Japan but highly dangerous because the skin and organs are poisonous

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Japanese law stipulates that Fugu fish can only be exported after it has been cleaned and stripped of its toxic parts, so the fish will arrive in Doha inside specially packed, sealed containers ready for preparation by Chef Kato.
By far the most dangerous dinner date in Tom's year came in China where he agreed to try out the famous fugu fish, better known to most as the deadly puffer fish - a creature so filled with deadly poison that one wrong slice by the chef could result in excruciating death for the diner.
Take your pick ladies and gents - either eating deadly fugu fish in Tokyo or watching a former Sex Pistol volunteering himself as shark bait.
The fugu fish has the most concise genome; it has no "junk" DNA.
Someone wanted to know how many people die each year from eating incorrectly-prepared fugu fish - a Japanese delicacy also called blowfish or globefish.