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a leader and organizer and spokesman (especially a political leader)

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Michael Fugler, Chairman of the Advisory Board to NIBA stated, " NIBA has developed a strategy to become leading edge in MircoCap Investment Banking communication, both through its professional conferences and digital communication.
bar] PRIZE GUYS: Apprentices Daniel Fugler, left, and Oliver Wike, centre, with Richard Ellis, of Ellis Furniture
To his great credit, Fugler would tell this story against himself.
Fugler of the Executive has agreed to act as our Program Chairman for that conference.
Then Mike Tournier left the band, leaving just Mike Bryant and Jon Fugler.
The band's John Fugler admits that he perceives Fluke as an album act and the singles don't always present themselves as obvious choices.
Barbara Fugler has been named Vice President, and she retains her role as the Company's Controller, reporting to Michael E.
The studies that combined energy modeling and survey methods showed that the energy consumption of a residential building is influenced by the life styles of its occupants (Papakostas and Sotiropoulos 1997; Mozer 1998; Fugler 2002; AlMumin et al.
Ian Fugler, the organisation's director for land management, said: "As we all know, the current situation is having a major impact on farmers in some parts of the country and we want to ensure that the appropriate environmental stewardship derogations are available to help farmers deal with the consequences of this period of dry weather.
Daniel fugler is ready to reel in a trophy for England.
FORMED in 1989 by occasional vocalist Jonathan Fugler along with Michael Bryant and Michael Tournier, the band have embraced the diversity and style of the dance scene from pop-beats to trip-hop, big beat and electronica.
The offer is made only by the prospectus, a copy of which may be obtained by contacting Michael Roy Fugler of Millennium Financial Group, Inc.
Venables was ordered in court last month to pay advertising executive Jeffrey Fugler the cash after his work for Tel's Kensington nightclub Scribes West.
Venables' next date in court is straight after the Euro Championships, when he faces Brian Fugler in a case due to begin on July 8.