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Synonyms for fugue

dissociative disorder in which a person forgets who they are and leaves home to creates a new life

a dreamlike state of altered consciousness that may last for hours or days

a musical form consisting of a theme repeated a fifth above or a fourth below its first statement

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Playfully titled Chorus Angelorum, Piccolassima Fughetta, Molto Tonale, Sopra un Tema, Torentoni Niventis Wilderi, it is--as the title suggests--a fugal motet written for three voices without accompaniment, taking as its text the words "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year" in several translations.
Zachau employs only the first melodic phrase of the chorale as the subject for a chorale fughetta.
48 faster than a minuet in ([quaver] = 144) 3/8 corrente style 22 Short fughetta with four [micron] = 84 voices, mostly legato 18 Canon at the 6th with three voices [micron] = 96 texture, fast bourree style, non-legato quarter notes 10 Short fughetta with three and [micron] = 72 sometimes four voices, mostly legato 11 Two-part invention, 12/16 gigue style [crotchet].
Further, the second theme seems to reflect both feminine and masculine characteristics (as conceived in the nineteenth century); the theme is tranquillo, lyrical, soft, and thin-textured on one hand, yet uses the home key, functional harmonies, and the rigor of a fughetta on the other.