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Synonyms for fugue

dissociative disorder in which a person forgets who they are and leaves home to creates a new life

a dreamlike state of altered consciousness that may last for hours or days

a musical form consisting of a theme repeated a fifth above or a fourth below its first statement

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After the verdict, Mr Fuge, a retired policeman, told how he and his daughter had driven away from home in separate cars.
Gross Fuge (music by Beethoven; choreography Hans van Manen) gave us the men in skirts - Kevin O'Hare, Wolfgang Stollwitzer, Andrew Murphy and Joe Cipolla.
It began with an enthralling performance of Beethoven's Grosse Fuge, which is about as uncompromising a piece of music as one is likely to hear, and certainly not an obvious or easy opener for any concert.
The board of global clean energy company Pacific Hydro declared that Michael Fuge will become CEO of the company in early July 2014, substituting Rob Grant who resigns at that time.
And Kerry Leanne Fuge wrote: "Always remember that lush outgoing bubbly lad.
Bernstein uses his "classical" experience in such subtle ways, one example being the fugue he introduces into Cool, the musical material here derived from Beethoven's awesome Grosse Fuge.
Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker's Grosse Fuge (Beethoven) and Sasha Waltz's Fantaisie (Schubert) will be complemented by Maguy Marin's familiar Groosland.
Delme King ran in two tries and Lee Fuge also crossed.
It's back to full prices this week with a triple bill - George Balachine's Symphony for Three Movements, Han van Manen's Grosse Fuge and Kenneth MacMillan's Elite Syncopations - on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
The concert on October 31 will also feature Beethoven's Grosse Fuge and B.
The many highlights of this extraordinary collection, such as manuscripts of Beethoven's Grosse Fuge, arranged for piano-4 hands, the last scene of Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro, and Stravinsky's Canticum sacrum, may be examined in microscopic detail through use of "Zoomify" software.
Kane, of Bishopston, Renfrewshire, has pleaded not guilty to causing the deaths of Alice-Anne Fuge, 25, Jessie McCann, 44, and Nestor Siles, 36, by driving dangerously and at excessive speed.
Sara Fuge, Development Manager, Westgate Oxford Alliance, said: "We are delighted that Oxford City Council has resolved to grant consent for this exciting development.
Top rink winners were Tony Fuge, Harold Griffiths, Jeff Hall and Aubrey Brookhouse with a 29-11 win and they were backed up by Les Ball, Mike Brayne, John Hibbert and Colin Haywood (23-15) and Bala Manian, Ron Boulton, Terry Whitehouse and Rob Maries (22-14).