filling station

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a service station that sells gasoline

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This hydrogen fuelling station in connection with Hyundai s and Toyota s fuel-cell cars offers the possibility to drive completely emission-free.
7m from the California Air Resources Board (ARB) is partially funding the hydrogen fuelling station project.
The second, permanent LNG vehicle fuelling station will be located in the Polish capital Warsaw and will be the first station in Europe dedicated to providing LNG as fuel for city buses incorporating three LNG dispensers provided by Flow Instruments, a Chart company.
Pierre Choquette, President and CEO of Methanex, commented, "This methanol fuelling station represents an exciting milestone in the development of fuel cell technology and is made possible by the cooperation of members of the California Fuel Cell Partnership.
Ryder System Inc, a company involved in commercial transportation and supply chain management solutions, has opened its first natural gas fuelling stations in its North American network.
Anwar will also be made responsible for overseeing the tightening of security at fuelling stations in order to prevent the illegal seizure of diesel for sale on the black market.
The Company owns approximately 120 km of high-pressure pipelines and operates 25 CNG fueling stations in Shaanxi Province, 12 CNG fuelling stations in Henan Province and 1 CNG fueling station in Hubei Province.
The $1 million retail outlet will be located in the heart of Delhi at one of India's busiest natural gas fuelling stations.