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cell that produces electricity by oxidation of fuel (hydrogen and oxygen or zinc and air)

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FuelCell Energy noted that the power plant will be commissioned later this year.
Actual contract details for any FuelCell Energy project remain to be determined and will be announced when finalized.
FuelCell Energy estimates this tax credit will translate to a savings of approximately 1.
FuelCell Energy noted that Tokyo Gas has agreed to install the DFC300A unit at its new research and development center in Tsurumi later this year.
LOGANEnergy and FuelCell Energy are prefect partners," said Sam Logan, Jr.
Capstone noted that the combined-cycle system has achieved a 56-percent electrical efficiency for 800 continuous hours of testing at FuelCell Energy's Danbury, CT facility.
The unit at the convention is FuelCell Energy's DFC300A model power plant, a unit with enough power to provide the base load electricity requirements of a 300-room hotel, will directly convert natural gas, through a patented internal reforming process, into the hydrogen needed to electrochemically produce electricity.
FuelCell Energy noted that the system, which the company has been developing under a Vision 21 Program contract awarded by the Department of Energy (DOE) in 2000, has the same "ultra-clean" emissions profile as its DFC power plants.
CSA International, a world-leading certification and testing organization, in co- operation with FuelCell Energy Inc.
The winning proposal for FuelCell Energy's Direct FuelCell[R] (DFC[R]) power plant, submitted by distribution partner Alliance Power Inc.
According to FuelCell Energy, Maru will remain as a consultant to the company for the advancement of its Direct FuelCell (DFC) power plant technology and solid oxide fuel cells under the leadership of president and chief executive officer R.
FuelCell Energy acquired Global, a developer of planar solid oxide fuel cell technology and manufacturer and distributor of TEGs, in November 2003.