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mechanical system to inject atomized fuel directly into the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine

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The electronic fuel-injection (EFI) option for the R-985 is designed to improve the radial engine performance by increasing the engine power, reducing fuel consumption and reducing maintenance costs.
But the mainstays of OMC's line, its 20 to 200-horsepower outboards, will be two-cycle units equipped with the proprietary, direct fuel-injection system LEAP3, based on a technology pioneered by the German engineering firm FICHT, GmbH.
These include gasoline and diesel fuel-injection and emissions-control components, anti-lock braking and traction-control systems, air bag trigger units, smart power semiconductors and power diodes, starter motors, alternators, relays and transmission control solenoids.
The company is facing lawsuit for allegedly infringing a patent that covers a fuel-injection system used in the automaker's F-150 pickup trucks.
1999, "A new method for measuring fuel-injection rate", Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 10, 1999, pp.
Henninger's Diesel Limited will ride out the wave of change as Northern Ontario's only authorized distributor/dealer for all the major fuel-injection manufacturing companies, and the Duetz diesel engine.
The test revealed no significant impacts on vehicle performance or fuel-injection pump wear, and no measured differences in engine operating temperatures were noted, which dispelled the fears of engines overheating because of supposedly hotter burning fuels.
During Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, certain families of engines that used fuel-lubricated, rotary-distribution, fuel-injection pumps experienced some operational problems that resulted in hot-starting difficulty and gradual loss of power.
Since the Army is considering a new engine for the Humvee, it should be addressing this problem and insisting that the engine be equipped with a fuel-injection pump that can satisfactorily use JP8, as well as diesel fuel, but have a greater tolerance to the lowered viscosity of the JP8 Fuel.
Boats with four-stroke or direct fuel-injection, two-stroke engines are allowed.
ElectroJet is currently marketing its fuel-injection system to motorcycle manufacturers in India and China and plans to expand its reach to other emerging markets worldwide.