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mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion

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In some cases, the air may include some fuel vapors coming from the purge canisters if purge is activated during DFSO.
Based on these tests, use of FMP, even at high levels, produced compounds with levels of fuel vapor permeation no different from conventional FKM, with traditional relationships between compounding and permeability are maintained in this system.
You also have three unsafe-gear indicators, and you're wearing an oxygen mask to keep from being overcome by fuel vapors.
The fuel vapors trying to escape the engine are collected onto the hydrocarbon trap, which has a chemical mechanism to retain the fuel vapors.
A second is diurnal emissions caused by expansion of fuel vapors in the daytime.
Following the collision, the passenger cabin filled with strong fuel vapors and flames and the plane turned over, Hoh Kim Keong said.
Pleil and colleagues reported the results of their study of Air Force personnel exposed to JP-8 jet fuel in the form of fuel vapors and exhaust fumes [EHP 108:183-192].
LCPs are also being studied for plastic fuel tanks in vehicles, since the material would provide a higher barrier to the fuel vapors than other plastic materials of the same thickness, weight or cost.
10, Boeing finally has decided to propose some redesign to reduce fuel vapors.
EVAL[TM] is an excellent barrier to fuel vapors as well, making it the standard barrier resin for plastic fuel tanks in automobiles.
While I was using the self-serve pump to fill the tank mounted in my truck, static electricity created an arc that jumped from the filler nozzle to the steel frame, igniting the fuel vapors at the tank's filler cap.
Two interesting things to know about the fuel vapor separators (which prevent fuel vapors from reaching the atmosphere and maintain fuel tank pressures) being produced by Dytech Dynamic Fluid Technologies (dytech-dft.
If enough fuel builds up under the floor plates, you and other crewmembers can be exposed to concentrated fuel vapors that can make you sick.
Located at West First Avenue and Blair Boulevard, the petroleum distribution company wasn't high on the agency's priority list because it's not close to a drinking water source and posed few other significant risks, such as the potential for fuel vapors to get into buildings, Belyea said.
The AEAN handed over his lighter-a sign of true friendship-and offered a warning about fuel vapors.