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a tax on every gallon of gasoline sold

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Pledged motor fuel tax receipts have declined steadily since 2005 and have consistently underperformed the state's expectations.
Integration of Wireless Matrix's FleetOutlook with OTS' IFTA Fuel Tax Compliance Software Ensures Fleet Managers Aren't Overpaying on Taxes
These upgrades include : New and highly tailorable reporting, enabling fuel tax professionals to analyze and present data; Further refinements and expansions of the product's coverage of 50 states which now include both County and City level returns; Built-in Documents storage and management system for auto archiving returns and electronic filings; Updated coverage for Retail and Jobber Fuel Tax Filing needs.
3636 - was introduced December 3 and would raise the federal fuel tax by 15 cents as recommended by the Simpson-Bowles National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform and index it to inflation to ensure the fuel tax remains a sustainable source of revenue.
Stealth taxes, like a rise in fuel tax, are not welcome at any time, but are particularly unacceptable at times like this when everyone is trying to come to terms with the world "credit crunch".
A freeze on fuel tax would only deepen anger among protesters, said David Handley, chairman of the People's Fuel Lobby.
Offering customizable features such as the configuration and reporting on fuel tax processes is one of the many support features available by ROAMWORKS to it's trucking customer base.
The EU is reportedly waiting for a report commissioned last year which looks at a range of options from a straight fuel tax to a permits system that penalises polluting airlines.
Rural families on lower incomes, forced to run two cars to allow both partners to work and to deliver children to school, can easily end up paying more in fuel tax than income tax.
Chicago (IL) motor fuel tax revenue bonds series 2003A;
Integrated Solutions Delivers New Automated Fuel Tax Reporting Services
ANGRY motorists threatened yesterday to take on the Government at the polls unless fuel tax is slashed.
In the United Kingdom we have the greatest degree of self-sufficiency of oil production of any European country (except Norway), but we have thrown this economic advantage away by charging such a high level of fuel tax.
Pledged revenues include federal reimbursements for eligible projects and motor fuel taxes (approximately two-thirds from gas tax revenues and one-third from special fuel tax revenues.
Finding an alternative to the federal tax on gasoline is a far more urgent need than finding an alternative to the fuel tax on diesel.