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a tank for holding gasoline to supply a vehicle

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The aircraft fuel tank is known as a hazardous workspace which exposes the workers with various hazardous components such as risk of fire and explosion, toxic vapor from the jet fuel and other irritating chemicals, confined space and oxygen deficiency.
What's more, the eVaptive system can customize the pressure relief of the fuel tank as needed prior to refueling plug-in hybrid vehicles.
Clean rust and debris from the top of the fuel tank
Global automotive fuel tank market for passenger cars: The global automotive fuel tank market for passenger cars is led primarily by the APAC region owing to the increased sales of passenger cars in the region.
Technavio's analysts forecast the global automotive fuel tank market to grow at a CAGR of 5.
During a fuel tank inspection, a tank is drained so all structural components are visible.
We would like to point out that filling fuel tanks to capacity does not imply any risks as all car fuel tanks are designed to withstand pressure build-up in high temperatures," stressed Khalid Hadi, vice president of marketing and corporate communications at AdnocDistribution.
Phyre is developing advanced fuel tank inerting systems across a wide range of aircraft platforms, including military, commercial, rotary and fixed wing (from low gross weights to the highest gross weights).
Front fuel tank developed an undetected leak via a small crack in the lower corner near a welded repair.
We have not heard of a fuel tank burst causing fire in any of our buses as of now.
preparation of measurement gear and fuel tank for verification,
TACOM LCMC's GPA message 12-005 addressed auxiliary fuel tanks in HMMWVs with ground mobility vehicle modi 11 cat ions.
They may have a damaged roll-over valve due to faulty fuel tank assembly.
The ASDF grounded its F-15 fleet after an empty fuel tank and parts of a mock air-to-air missile fell from one of the planes based at Komatsu Air Base.
A new three-layer fuel tank from custom rotational molder Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.