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a service station that sells gasoline

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The fuel supplier said its 92 unleaded will be priced at NT$25.
In addition to choosing EPIC as its fuel supplier, Tiffin will also accept the EPIC Card for fuel and ancillary flight-related purchases.
If you are facing disconnection, or have not been able to keep to a payment plan, the fuel supplier may offer to install a prepayment meter.
Alba Tanker has the trustees of OW Bunker, once the largest marine fuel supplier globally, on its board of directors, Pedersen commented, adding that although OW Bunker was its biggest client, OW Tankers is not a big part of the company as it is a ship-owning business run independently.
Get your home insulated before winter sets in as this can reduce the amount of fuel you might need to use - and ask your fuel supplier if they can help you do this.
Next on its checklist, it needs to square matters with its fuel supplier - and with its finances, customers, and Massport.
Those things haven't changed and it's those elements that set us apart as a premier fuel supplier.
As soon as the halt in deliveries was announced, we provided exact information about the imminent aviation fuel crisis to both our contract partners and the respective government units and we took steps to redirect fuel to Burgas Airport, which would have otherwise been forced to close", the fuel supplier said Monday.
Describe your relationship with your fuel supplier.
Saeed Abdullah Khoory, ENOC Group Chief Executive, said: "ENOC Aviation is the largest fuel supplier for Dubai International Airport and has a long history of association with Dubai's aviation sector.
The 290-metre-long Belgian vessel had planned to unload and refuel when the Chinese fuel supplier, Jinyou Number One, crashed into it and damaged its hull.
It said the rise continued a trend seen in recent years, with the number of people who were in debt to their fuel supplier jumping by 82% since 2005/2006.
Chile's demand for coal is expected to increase significantly in the near future and we look forward to being a long-term reliable fuel supplier to meet their growing energy needs.
We understand that the current legislative framework of the FET legislation requires that N15 claims be riled by the fuel supplier to CRA on behalf of end-users.
According to CNA, the fuel cell vehicles are slated to be operated by the national environment agency staff, fuel supplier BP, tire maker Michelin Corporation and the Conrad Hotel.