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a service station that sells gasoline

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Three Somalia nationals operating a fuel station in Wau were arrested and ordered to, within 24 hours, leave Wau town on allegations of promoting sale of fuel in the black market.
He recounted being asked by the traffic police, together with other motorists, to leave a long queue outside one such fuel station in Doha.
The Charlotte, North Carolina location, like all other GAIN Clean Fuel stations, will provide easy-access, fast-fill capabilities and will be open for use by other fleets and the general public.
John Marol Magune, the manager of Dove Fuel Station, the single fuel station with limited stocks of diesel, said that the stock will only last one or two days, adding that their hope lays in the reopening of the road.
Lewis said stations will be strategically located in areas where significant numbers of flex fuel vehicles are currently underserved by flex fuel stations.
If you're trying to save this summer, buy food and drinks in advance and fill-up your car from your local fuel station before you leave home.
The nearest commercial fuel station is six miles outside city limits.
said Friday it has established a fuel station at its research laboratory in Aichi Prefecture to provide hydrogen to fuel cell-powered vehicles.
Chick said the potential waste includes $94,000 spent at the West Valley police station to refurbish lines and pumps even though that fuel station is proposed to be closed.
And that could be a good thing for the ENOC and EPPCO staff - the UAE mentality will hopefully let the fuel station attendants hold onto their jobs.
Harelquin's Managing Director, Brian McCann says, "The introduction of slimline models within our fuel station range will broaden the appeal of on-site refuelling to customers who are currently restricted by space.
These could even extend to closing a fuel station and cancelling the licence of one storing subsidised petrol to sell on the black market.
The company opened earlier this week a new fuel station in Piatra Neamt taking the total network to 15, all of which are located in the Moldova region.
Some have claimed that fuel station owners are threatened into supplying diesel to the black market.