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a petroleum product used for fuel


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With 600 plus supply points across the United Kingdom, Birmingham Fuel Oils, continue to increase their market share within the oil market, with the acquisition and development of this new central location in the West Midlands, UK.
Whilst this independently owned company acts as a national oil fuel distributor and supplier, they also dispose of waste oil, scrap fuel and redundant fuel oils.
FUEL supplier OSS Group is campaigning against next month's introduction of a new tax it says could cripple its market in recycled fuel oil.
OSS, based at Knowsley Industrial Park, uses waste lubricating oil collected from thousands of garages and servicing centres to create Clean Fuel Oil, a recycled fuel equivalent to new heavy fuel oil.
It is present in fuel oils in a complex oil soluble form and cannot be removed by mechanical separation.
All heavy petroleum fuel oils and crude oils contain sufficiently high level of vanadium to require chemical inhibition.
The DecisionLink/MCS joint marketing will commence with DecisionLink's tank monitoring products for the propane and fuel oil tank businesses.