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a contrivance for injecting (e

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The Virginia Railway Express (Vre) Is Soliciting Bids To Establish A Contract With One (1) Qualified And Experienced Contractor To Deliver Electronic Fuel Injector Assemblies For Vres Mp36ph-3c Locomotives.
The iStart fuel injector assembly is mounted on top of the engine adjacent to the engine's primary fuel injector distributor spider.
Inspection revealed small unknown foreign debris in the cylinders one, three and five fuel injector nozzles.
Geographical segmentation of fuel injector market in automotive industry
According to the reports, VW has stated that it was not aware of any fires, crashes or injuries related to the issue and will install an improved fuel injector line and vibration dampers.
When your M12A1 sits for weeks without being run, the fuel injector pump gradually freezes up.
Business for fuel injectors & automotive parts booming
This means that the cable could possibly chafe against the fuel injector causing a potentially dangerous short circuit.
When fuel enters the combustion chambers, the fuel injector creates a fine and wide mist of fuel; this is known as atomization of the fuel.
Cummins' tests with fuel injector plungers demonstrated that, with 1% water in the fuel, traditional tool steel plungers could seize in 10 hours or less.
PHOTO : Ed Bayford, assistant manager of Henninger's Diesel in Sudbury looks on as co-op student Greg Maki rebuilds a fuel injector.
GE mechanical engineer Madhu Pai, from the Computational Combustion Lab (ATMS) will have six months of dedicated access to a portion of the Sierra supercomputer - one of the most powerful in the world - to study the physics behind the working of the fuel injector to optimize its design.
The #2 cylinder cracked between the fins aft of the fuel injector, near the intake valve, and was leaking fuel.