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a contrivance for injecting (e

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And even if you don't live in Florida, you can have the same service rendered to your fuel injector by shipping the part over.
When your M12A1 sits for weeks without being run, the fuel injector pump gradually freezes up.
Business for fuel injectors & automotive parts booming
This means that the cable could possibly chafe against the fuel injector causing a potentially dangerous short circuit.
TURBO 3000D VADA provides the fuel injector with an efficient delivery of fuel which minimizes the effects of temperature, viscosity and rapid load change factors that can cause fuel to stream rather than atomize when exiting the fuel injector.
Within its CELECT fuel injector, the company incorporated a metering plunger made from Mg-PSZ, a re-engineered magnesia with partially-stabilized zirconia specifically tailored for the application.
High-fidelity computer simulations can significantly reduce the number of trials and can provide insight into why a fuel injector behaves the way it does," said Pai.
95 or a service fuel injector and induction for $69.
The automaker is recalling predominantly Volkswagen Jetta and Audi A3 cars in the US because of a potential leak from fuel lines to the fuel injector system
Well, it could be a crack in the air/fuel ratio line that mounts into the fuel injector pump on the vehicle's curb side.
Toyota plans to cut the cost of the new engine and reduce it by using an improved fuel injector and lighter cylinder blocks, the officials said.
The engine has been optimised for lower fuel consumption with the injection system featuring a new piezoelectric fuel injector.
Once that happens, the rod can't move the way it should to trigger the fuel injector pump.
DiBerto said, "In a DIG engine, the fuel injector is located directly in the combustion chamber.