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fuel (such as uranium) that can be used in nuclear reactors as a source of electricity

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Once the reactors are empty, and all the fuel elements have been dispatched to Sellafield, over 99% of the site's radiological hazard will have been removed.
On June 27, the first batch with 470 spent fuel elements left Andreeva Bay.
The steam generation rose due to the release of the heat from the fuel elements in the segments between the two adjacent grids.
Following from the SET-plan priorities, it is proposed to improve the VVER safety-efficiency balance by means of ensuring the hermeticity of fuel element (FE) claddings based on the creep energy theory method (CET-method) [5, 6], in order to minimize the radioactive leakage through fuel claddings into the VVER circuit, for normal operation conditions including variable loading modes.
Heavy water, enriched Uranium 235, plutonium and their compounds, spent irradiated fuel elements from a nuclear reactor are all materials not produced in Namibia.
Following the Fukushima disaster in Japan, scientists in China made a staggering announcement that they had developed a different type of nuclear reactor, one that did not rely on conventional fuel rods but instead thousands of billiard-ball-sized fuel elements, coated in graphite, each meant to do a fuel rod's work, but also to ensure that in a nuclear emergency, there would be no meltdown.
Iran would agree to limit its 20pc enrichment programme and not to stockpile such material - or, alternatively, end 20pc enrichment in return for a guaranteed supply of fuel elements [perhaps from its friend, Russia].
Some of its fuel elements melted and deformed one of the two reactors.
Cobb (a lifetime member of the ASM International and holder of a patent on a process for manufacturing fuel elements for nuclear submarines), "Dictionary Of Metals" is a 250 page compendium that is the basic and authoritative reference work for terms and definitions of metals and terms relating to metals.
As many as 20 tonnes of heavy water was obtained from the US and the Canadians supplied the uranium fuel elements.
Old subs are "defuelled" as soon as possible - meaning that uranium fuel elements are removed from the reactor and then transported for storage at Sellafield in Cumbria.
Iran s inexperience in making fuel elements for the TRR raises questions about its claims that it needs to continue enriching up to 19.
But, the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), a Washington DC-based think tank, says it will be hard for Iran to safely turn the uranium into reactor fuel elements.
The main bulk of the radioactivity is bound up in the ceramic nuclear fuel elements.