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fuel (such as uranium) that can be used in nuclear reactors as a source of electricity

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The benefit consists of the study, the realization and the supply of equipment for the large cell of ISAI, as part of the decommissioning program of irradiated fuel elements (ECI) PHEBUS.
Heavy water, enriched Uranium 235, plutonium and their compounds, spent irradiated fuel elements from a nuclear reactor are all materials not produced in Namibia.
As many as 20 tonnes of heavy water was obtained from the US and the Canadians supplied the uranium fuel elements.
The design of the RBMK reactor fuel differs little from fuel elements manufactured for standard BWR-type reactors [10].
Old subs are "defuelled" as soon as possible - meaning that uranium fuel elements are removed from the reactor and then transported for storage at Sellafield in Cumbria.
Iran s inexperience in making fuel elements for the TRR raises questions about its claims that it needs to continue enriching up to 19.
But, the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), a Washington DC-based think tank, says it will be hard for Iran to safely turn the uranium into reactor fuel elements.
NUKEM Technologies is engaged worldwide in the areas of engineering, management of radioactive waste and spent fuel elements as well as the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and, with these areas of activity, fits perfectly into the portfolio of Atomstroyexport.
And smaller 1% duties on EU-made nuclear reactors and parts; isotopic separation machinery and parts; and non-irradiated nuclear fuel elements (cartridges) will be scrapped.
Topics covered by the volume's 15 original papers include a new method to determine the Young's modulus of a microcrystal based upon Raman spectrometry, solid-state reaction in an Al-Fe binary system induced by mechanical alloying, thermal behavior of xenon in a refractory metal for gas fast reactor fuel elements, molecular dynamics simulation of brittle fracture in BCC iron, growth kinetics of boride layers, structure and optical properties of magnetron-sputtered SiOx layers with silicon nanoparticles, reaction of iron with amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon for the fabrication of iron silicides, theoretical determination of the pressure-volume-temperature relationship of some alkali halides, and concentration micro-field for lamellar eutectic growth.
2006) Producing of tubular billet batches of TREX-tubes for pilot-production batch of Zr1Nb alloy fuel elements from national raw materials.
We were pleased to explain the environmental and sustainable fuel elements of the project," said Mr Simons.
The project is targeted to receive a platinum LEED certification, and its long list of sustainable and environmental features add up to make it a closed-loop, environmental system that is largely self-sufficient and uses waste to fuel elements of the community, as well as being economically feasible.
It removes the irradiated uranium fuel elements, held in a large cylindrical 'basket', and replaces them with new ones.