Fucus serratus

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Synonyms for Fucus serratus

brown algae seaweed with serrated edges

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Gwymon danheddog - Fucus serratus, toothed wrack neu serrated wrack
Glacial refugia and recolonization pathways in the brown seaweed Fucus serratus.
Effects of temperature, light and salinity on growth in culture of Chondrus crispus, Furcellaria lumbricalis, Gracilaria tikhaviae (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta), and Fucus serratus (Fucales, Phaeophyta).
Homeo-Shield (INCI: Fucus serratus extract and glycerol) is derived from brown algae.
The body scrub, a course mixture of Dead Sea salt, Fucus Serratus seaweed oil and VOYA Luscious Salt, was gently rubbed over my body, starting with the legs, and my skin buzzed with invigoration.