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British physicist who was born in Germany and fled Nazi persecution

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There is a criticism that most research does not look at a variety of speaking styles; this is one area Fuchs attempts to address in his research by looking at read speech (a passage) and an interview task.
Smaller markets continue to see disproportionate small-cap lending activity, Fuchs said.
Fuchs begins by explaining that critical theory is a specific form of critical thinking (p.
Fuchs has previously been with the Glover Kerbey Wealth Management team specialising in Private Wealth Management and 1031 Real Estate Exchanges from 2006 to 2011.
Deputy Parliamentary Leader for Merkel's conservatives in the Bundestag Michael Fuchs said to Tim Sebastian on DW's Conflict Zone.
Already a well-established, major contributor to the field of early modern Anglo-Spanish literary relations--particularly as these pertain to the discourses of nationhood and Empire--Barbara Fuchs, in her latest book, focuses on English translation and appropriation of Spanish Golden Age sources.
As Barbara Fuchs explains in the introduction to her exceptional book, The Poetics of Piracy: Emulating Spain in English Literature, Cardenio is the Holy Grail and the "absent presence" (1) of Anglo-Spanish culture.
Fuchs believes he has to take a leading role in the team.
In his Social Media: A Critical Introduction, Christian Fuchs sets out to provide an account of social media that draws on a Marxist understanding of economic exploitation and class.
Workers at Milnsbridgebased lubricants manufacturer Batoyle Freedom Group (BFG) were told that the company had been sold to e Fuchs Group and their jobs are likely to transfer to its UK subsidiary, Fuchs Lubricants (UK) Ltd, based at Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.
UWE Fuchs had brief spells at both Boro and Saturday's opponents Millwall, and made a huge impression with his goalscoring exploits.
Lyn Fuchs (author); FRESH WIND AND STRANGE FIRE; Coffeetown Press (Nonfiction: Travel) 11.
com)-- Tim Fuchs Construction today announced the launch of www.
Fuchs\' endothelial corneal dystrophy, first described by Austrian Ophthalmologist, Ernst Fuchs (1851-1930) in 1910, is a rare inherited and slowly progressing eye disease.